Edwards Pay stub & W2s

Edwards is a medical equipment company in America. Now it is the global leader in artificial heart valves. The company outsources pay stub services to First Data Corporation and w2s services to TALX. Edwards offers employees to view or print their pay stub and w2s online from any computer with internet access.

Pay stub
Your pay stub can be accessed online through Paystubportal.com/Edwards. Use the Resource link in below to access, you will be directed to the paystub portal site in new tab of your browser and asked to provide your employee ID and PIN number to sign in. If you are new user, you need to establish a new PIN. From the paystub portal for Edwards welcome page, click on First visit? Register Now link to establish a new PIN. Once logged in, you can view your pay stub. You will also setup phone and email notification to receive a notification when paystubs are available to view or print online.
If you have any questions concerning your pay stub, please contact with your payroll department or comment here.

W2express is a convenient, secure and user friendly self service portal that will allow Edwards employees to view and print w2s 24/7 from any computer with internet access. Using W2EXPRESS, you will effortlessly be able to:

• View and print current year W2s
• View and print prior years W2s
• Setup notification to receive email notification when W2 are available to online view.

If you are ready, just go on the web (www.w2expres.com) and register or login to receive your W-2 online. Login to your account by entering-

1. Edwards’s employer code: 11646.
2. Your User ID
3. Your PIN (for user ID and PIN number, contact with your payroll manager)
4. If this is your first time log on, you will go through six steps registration process including identify your device, select security image, set up security question. Contact information, change the initial PIN etc.

Note: please read the W-2 consent disclosure carefully.


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