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Unit Corp (UNT) Employee Pay Stubs

Unit Corp is a diversified natural gas exploration and production company. As part of the UNT’s commitment to sustainability, the company has electronic pay stub. As a UNT employee, your pay stubs are available in an electronic format via money network pay stub portal user friendly website. At the pay stub portal website you will be able to view current and past pay stub and your W2. Generally, the Money network pay stub portal provides a clear and comprehensible online outlook for each employee to review of his or her individual pay stub information. Pay stub portal is update your each pays period and maintains a history of past pay stubs. You may also out put the following service from Money Network Paystub portal at any time.

To check online, you must login to pay stub portal account. To login, employee ID and PIN must require. Must be complete the two steps registration process for first time user. To complete registration process, go to the Money Network Pay stub Portal website for Unit Corp (see link in the Resource section). Click on the Register Now link appear in the right side of the page after Login title and put employee ID, date of birth and last 3 digits of social security number then click on the button. In second steps, just establish 4 digits PIN of you choice.

[Note; keep secure of your PIN, it must required for next time use].

Once complete or returning users, may login with your Employee ID and PIN number. If you enter wrong PIN for three times, your IP address will banned for 24 hours.

By phone
To access via phone, just call the automatic phone system at 888-959-3389, it will prompts to access your pay stub. (For phone system you will need enter the last four digits of social security number, employee ID and PIN number).

Tex message
Select the email and text messages tab to sign up text message notification. Just enter your cell phone number in the text message required field. Pay period end date, net pay, available vacation and personal hours and worked hours statement will be sent via text message. You will never have to pay extra charge for text messaging service but phone carrier’s standard rate may apply.

Via Email
You may also receive notification via email. Pay period end date, net pay, gross pay, pay date, taxes and other deduction summary will be sent via email message. You will never have to pay extra charge for email messaging service just sign up for email messaging. To sign up for email notification, select the email and text message tab and put you email address in required field. There is one more email address blank field that you use to enter alternative email.