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Lowe’s Market Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

Lowe’s market is a grocery store chain based in Texas. It is also know as supermarket that operates their stores in the state of Colorado and state of Arizona. There are around 150 lowe’s market stores under local brand name (Lowe’s, Lowe’s market, Lowe’s Mercado, big 8, ACE, shop n’ save, family center, fiesta foods, super $ etc) in the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Kansas. The company still using money network pay stub portal to provide its associates or employees pay slip, year end wages and tax statements online. You have also alternative phone access opportunity of your pay stubs and w2s from money network pay stub portal.

To access from Money network pay stub portal, you must login with your employee ID and PIN number. If you are new employee, you must set up your account for first time. The portal will ask you to enter employee ID, date of birth and last 3 digits of social security number to submit and set up your account. Remember, you will not eligible to set up your account until issue of first pay check by Lowe’s. See Resource for link.

Pay stub portal will never delivery of your pay stubs and W2s via email, only notify when W2s or pay stubs are ready to view. But you will request for fax copy via phone. Just call at 888-959-3389 and follows the systems prompted direction. Please press your employee ID when asked for user ID and last four digits of social security number.


Lowe's Home Improvement Pay Stub & W2s

Lowe’s Home Improvement [EIN= 560748358] is a fortune 100 company that has more than 1850 stores with170000 employees in the United States & Canada. The first Lowe’s store was founded in 1946 by L.S. Lowe, but today it is the world second largest home improvement and appliance retailer. By the way, all employee of Lowe’s are eligible for online delivery of their pay advice summary (pay stubs) online. Final earning will be directly deposited to the employee’s local bank account if on Direct Deposit program. Not only here, you will also review your pay stubs from It will be required to enter your sales number and password. Please contact with contact with HR Shared service, if not yet receive your login password.

Employees have the ability to receive email notification when a new W2 or year end wages and taxes statement is ready to view or print. But you must complete a little sign up process, to receive email notification. Once you have set up your account, you may print or re-print last three years W2s without making a request through the payroll department. You will be required to enter following information-

1. At first the portal will ask you to enter your employee ID which is 11116.
2. User ID. If you are current employee, your user ID is the sales number or employee ID. If your former employee then your user ID is the full social security number without any dashes or spaces.
3. PIN number, all employees PIN has set as default value which is last four digits of your social security number.
4. Risk based authentication to increase security which is six steps.
5. Change PIN number
6. Go Paperless
7. Test Now
8. Personal and contact information.

Lowes Pay stubs
Loewes W2s

Compass Group Pay Stubs & W2

Compass Group is the leader in property management, cleaning, support service and food service management. The company has more than 175,000 associates in 48 states of USA and more than 507,000 associates in over 50 countries. Compass group offers a temporary employee benefits programs. If you are full time associates, you’ll have access to an affordable health care plan, 401(k) retirement plan, flexible spending account, STD, LTD, associate family life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment etc.

Pay Stubs
Direct deposit and pay card are the preferred methods of payment. You will be paid bi-weekly and your earning will be deposited into the bank account or pay card of your choice. But your pay stubs will not be available online. Your immediate supervisor will distribute your pay stubs manually. If you have any question about your pay stubs or payroll systems please email at or call at 1-888-295-7206 then press option 4.

You will view your year end wages and tax statements online or print a copy by logging on to the Ceridian Ereports web site at

You will be asking for Login and Password.
Your login is the eight of your personnel ID number with leading zeros. For example 00123456.

You password is almost eight digits, which combination with tow digits birth of month, two digits birth of date and last four digits of your social security number. For example your date of birth January 28 and last four digits of your SSN are 1234 then your password is 01281234.

For assistance, please contact at 877-506-2515.

Macy's Pay Stub & W2s

Macy’s is one of the American’s premier retailers that operates under Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s and focus in the retailing of clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, house wares, jewelry and beauty products. The company operates about 883 (Macy’s and Bloomingdale) stores and 13 Bloomingdale’s outlet stores. The company introducing a new, fast and more convenient way to get your pay records, health benefits, retirement benefits and PTO if you are Macy’s or Bloomingdale employee. Basically, net wages are deposited into your local bank account on payday. It is reduce more using your time to go to the bank to cash your check. Now your pay stubs and W2s are online, you can be view and print by following ways-

Pay Stubs
Check your pay records on Macy’s IN-SITE website. It is password protected and enabled for only Macy’s and Bloomingdale associates. The web portal will ask you for your 8 digits employee and password that same password is used for signing onto your work PC and others application. If you are retired or former employee, you may view last 13 month pay stubs from Macy’s in site portal.

As Macy’s and Bloomingdale associate employees, you will print or reprint your year end wages and tax statement online from W2 management. If you are new employee, please take a moment to set up account. In order to set up your account, the W2 management portal will ask you for-

Employer Code: 10260
Social security number without any dashes or slashes
PIN number
Personal and contact information

If you are ready, please go to-

Macy’s In-site

HEB Pay Stubs & W2s

HEB is an American grocery store chain that specializes in high quality foods, gasonline, general grocery etc. Heb was founded in 1905 as single store Kerrville, Texas. Today, the company is operating more than 370 stores with 76,000 partner employees throughout the Texas and northern Mexico. However, the company offers valued partner perks card for their current full time and part time employees. It is designed for personal use of their partners. If you are former partner, you can reprint your prior taxes statement from W2 Management and your running year’s taxes states will be mailed to your address in the last week of January. If you needed a copy of your last pay stub, you can’t access it online, you must submit written letter with your full name, partner ID, and pay ended date of the check etc to the Partner service center. As former partner, you will also send the request by fax at 210-938-4797. Your pay stubs and W2s will not send to the email address.

If you are current partner, HEB designed a Partner Net portal that future for business purpose. You may login with your OnePass ID and Password at Partner Net portal. If you are new employee, please contact at partner service center for your OnePass ID and OnePass Password. Time keeping and payroll information are available at this portal. If you are trying to access FinNet, OnePass and PINPoint you can’t access from internet, you must login with HEB network.

As present partner, you may view, print and reprint your W2s online through W2 management. To access you will be require-
1. Employer code or name which is 13054/ H.E.B / H-E-B
2. Your seven digits employee ID/ partner ID
3. PIN number

If you are ready to access-

1. Go to Equifax W2 management website (see Resource)
2. Enter employer code, click Go
3. Enter your employee / partner ID. Click Continue
4. Enter your PIN number, Click Login
5. Complete the six steps risk based authentication.
6. Once complete, change your password and login again with new password.
7. Click “Go Paperless”
8. Click on Test Now
9. Enter personal and mailing information and click Save.
10. You will notify when your new W2 form is posted.

HEB PartnerNet
W2 Management

Toys R Us Pay Stubs & W2s

Toys R Us [EIN= 135159250] is a leading toy, clothing and baby products retailer that operates approximately 900 stores in USA under six brands. Toys R Us, Babies R Us, FAO Schwarz, KB Toys, eToys, are the present brands of the company. It was founded in 1984 by Charles Lazarus. If you are working at this company, your employer [Toys R Us] offers to access your earning statements, direct deposit and tax withholdings online and any time through Ceridian Self service. You will not allow to access Ceridian self service system until process your first pay checks.

1. To access the Ceridian Employee Self service portal, please use the Resource suggested web address. It will show Ceridian Self service portal for Toys R Us.
2. Login with your user name and password. If you are new employee, or you have never accessed this portal, please user your default username and password.
3. You user name is the first latter of your first name and your entire last name plus the last four digits of your social security number (SSN). For example, your name is Dorothy Harris and last four digits of SSN are 1234 then your user name is DHarris1234.
4. Your temporary password is the last four digits of your social security number.
5. If you are having problem logging into Ceridian self service systems with your user name and temporary password, please contact with your payroll department, they will create a ticket for you.
6. Once you have successfully logged into Ceridian self service system by suing temporary password, you will be require to change your password. Password must be at least 8 characters in length and contain at least one lowercase, uppercase character and numbers.
7. If you forget or lose your password, you don’t need directly contact with self service administrator until disable your account. Your account will become disable if you input wrong password for 3 times. So if you lose or forget your password, please don’t enter the wrong password repeatedly. Please use “Need a Password Reminder?” option.
8. Click on expected link under payroll and tax information tab such as earning statement, direct deposit, federal tax form etc.
9. If need more help, please log into Toys R Us team member portal. There are all resource of eligible benefits programs.

Toys R Us team member portal

Tyson Foods Pay Stubs, W2s & Employment Verification

Tyson Foods [EIN = 710815087] is the world largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef and pork. There are around 115,000 employees at more than 400 facility center and office across US and world wide. My present article will discover current situations of Tyson Foods employees (US) payroll information include direct deposit, payroll card and year end wages and tax statements. It will also discover how to an employee verify his/her employment when needed.

Tyson used FSV payment service that provides easy use pay card and alternative direct deposit to employee’s local bank account. As result, your earning will be automatically loaded to your pay card or deposited to your bank account. The company is also committed to provide payroll information clearly including among other things, gross wages earned, total hours worked by the employee, hourly rates and all deduction etc. Check out your office for pay stubs. If you are looking online please login to Tyson HR benefit center (see Resource), where you will asking for your employee ID or personnel number and PIN number.

Tyson used paperless employee to provide your employees W2s online. If you select electronic delivery of your W2s during registration time, then it will send you to a notification when your W2 is available. Remember, it will not be emailed to you. If you select postal delivery option, it will send your W2 by postal mail. If you needed reprint of your W2s, you can’t reprint until February.

If you want to verify your employment without income, just set up your account at The Work Number website and provide your social security number and employer name or code to the verifier. If you want to proof your income, please set up your account first and create a salary key. Salary key is essential to proof your income.

[Tyson Foods employer code for The Work Number is 11480]

Tyson Benefits Center

GAP Inc Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

The Gap Inc [EIN= 941697231] is an American leading multinational clothing and accessories (jeams, khakis, T-shirts for men, women and children) retailer with six brands- Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, Piperlime, Athleta and INTERMIX. It was founded by Doris and Donald Fisher in 1969 as single store. Today, it is growing globally and almost 3700+ stores and more than 150,000 employees. As an employee of Gap or its associate brands, you may access your pay stubs and w2s online. Follows the directions-

Access Pay stub online
If you are authorized to access benefits information online, please simply log into the GapWeb. If you are new employee please contact your manager or local office help desk or Gap Employee service center at 1-866-411-2772 ext. 20600 options 1,1,1,1.
Once log you in, click on Pay & Benefits tab. It is located top of the site. Click on Pay Statement print option and select Do Not Send A Paper Copy.

Access your W2s online
Gap has hosted their employees W2s on the W2 management web portal. To access your W2s, please visit Enter 11109 in to the employer code field. It will ask for user ID and PIN number. If you don’t know your user ID and PIN number please contact with Gap Employee service center at 1-866-411-2772 ext. 20600 options 1,1,1,1.

W2 Management

Ruby Tuesday Pay Stub & W2s

Ruby Tuesday (EIN= 630475239) is an American leading casual dining restaurants chain that provides biscuits, burgers, chicken, pasta, ribs, salad, seafood, soup, steak etc. It has 750+ franchises in the 45 states and District of Columbia. However, the company has made an employee self service web portal that allows checking their employees individual payroll information and others benefits record online through internet connected PC or smart phone. The self service web portal also allows accessing your direct deposit information, view and print the past 12 months pay stubs, tax withholding etc. To access this portal for first time, you must have-
1. Full social security number
2. Full date of birth
3. Full date of hire
4. A valid email address
5. Phone number
If you have this information, please visit (see Resource). If you are new employee, click on the “Create a User ID?. If you are existing user, please login with your user ID and password.

W2s online
If you are current employee of Ruby Tuesday, your employer offers to you to print or reprint of original copy of your year end wages and tax statement online. Your W2s is hosted on Equifax work solution W2 management portal. So simply visit to the W2 management website (see Resource). It will ask your employer code, please enter 10408 in the employer code field. Login with your user ID and PIN number. If this is first time at this portal, your default user ID is the full social security number and PIN is the last four digits of your social security number. If you can’t login default user id and PIN, please contact with your manager.

W2 Express

The Walt Disney Pay Stubs and W2s

The Walt Disney has made a hub that easy for you to access your pay payroll information online. The hub is a dynamic and customizable portal that capable to provide targeting information to all employees. So all Disney cast members includes all employees and contractors may access this portal. If you are new employee, you must be on Disney network to register for this portal. If you try to register from out of Disney Network, it can’t load first time registration page. Once you are registered form Disney network, you may access this hub from any where. If you have any problem to registration or have any question please call at 1-866-534-7639.

Disney issue paychecks for it employees on every Thursday. So if you have enrolled for direct deposit program, you earning will be automatically to your bank account or payroll card. If you are not yet registered for direct deposit program, your paycheck will be arrived by postal mail and need at least 3 days.

If you needed to reprint your year end wages and tax statement please contact to the Employee Administrative service at 1-877-783-2572. Disney sent it employees the original copy of W2 by email (on file in SAP) in the last week of January and first week of February. Few of employees are able to access on the Disney Hub. If you are eligible to print or reprint your W2 from Disney Hub, please login to the Resource suggested link.