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Tyson Foods Pay Stubs, W2s & Employment Verification

Tyson Foods [EIN = 710815087] is the world largest processor and marketer of chicken, beef and pork. There are around 115,000 employees at more than 400 facility center and office across US and world wide. My present article will discover current situations of Tyson Foods employees (US) payroll information include direct deposit, payroll card and year end wages and tax statements. It will also discover how to an employee verify his/her employment when needed.

Tyson used FSV payment service that provides easy use pay card and alternative direct deposit to employee’s local bank account. As result, your earning will be automatically loaded to your pay card or deposited to your bank account. The company is also committed to provide payroll information clearly including among other things, gross wages earned, total hours worked by the employee, hourly rates and all deduction etc. Check out your office for pay stubs. If you are looking online please login to Tyson HR benefit center (see Resource), where you will asking for your employee ID or personnel number and PIN number.

Tyson used paperless employee to provide your employees W2s online. If you select electronic delivery of your W2s during registration time, then it will send you to a notification when your W2 is available. Remember, it will not be emailed to you. If you select postal delivery option, it will send your W2 by postal mail. If you needed reprint of your W2s, you can’t reprint until February.

If you want to verify your employment without income, just set up your account at The Work Number website and provide your social security number and employer name or code to the verifier. If you want to proof your income, please set up your account first and create a salary key. Salary key is essential to proof your income.

[Tyson Foods employer code for The Work Number is 11480]

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