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Regis Pay Stub

Regis is a name of world largest salon chain is available in North America and Europe. The salon chain make available electronic paystubs online to access and view employees paystubs, recent and earlier period W-2, and other pay check related information. As employee of Regis salon chain, you may log on DocAgent Archive Server anytime from anywhere by following directions.

Log onto the DocAgent Archive Server site by keying in the address section of the browser. When page will appear, you should login with your Payroll ID and default password for first time. To begin to login your accounts first time, fill in the payroll ID in the UserID box and default password in the Password box and click “Login”. Your payroll ID is found on your paycheck or pay stub and default password is last 4 dist of your SSN + mmdd(4 digit) of your date of birth (total 4+4= 8 digits). You should change your default password when login as first time. Make sure, you work for a Regis corporation salon that means if you are not an employee of Regis salon chain don’t try to access any pay stub as it is a violation according to US law.

Once the login process is complete the “My paystub” page will appear. It is here where you check, print or reprint paystub. Just click on the “Inquiries” > “Check Stub”> “Date of the check your want to view”> “Reprint Check Stub”.
If you need more help or problem to login, you may call at 786-272-535 or email at