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Safeway, Vons and Associate Employee Pay Stubs

Safeway is one of the largest supermarket chain in USA, especially it is one of the most successful food and drug retailers in the North America after Kroger with few of associate companies i.e. the Vons companies inc, pavilions, carrs, Genuardi’s family market, Dominic’s finer foods, Blackhawk network, Randall’s, Safeway wine and spirits, tom thumb, grocery works, Safeway health inc etc. Its 0.14 million employees are operating nearly 1500 stores in USA, Mexico and Canada. Safeway has transitioned to ePaystub for all Safeway and its associate companies employees. So if you are in Safeway or safeway’s associated company, you will access your paystub online from Direct to HR website. To access your paystub online, follows the following direction-

1. Visit the Direct2HR website
2. It will automatically redirect to Safeway Common Logon page, where only authorized employee may access.
3. So if you are new employee, you should contact your team leader to get userID and password for this portal. Once you have the userID and password, just use it login.
4. In this portal, you can’t reset your password online, to reset your password, you should contact the Safeway employee service desk at 1-877-286-3200.