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American eagle Pay Stubs & W2s

AEO (American Eagle Outfitters) offers a competitive benefits package that meets the needs of employees. There are approximately one thousands retail stores around world with 40 thousands employees. By the way, the present topic is to discuss it pay stubs and year end tax statements. So if you are an AEO US employee, this topic will help you.

Pay stubs
Human Resources of AEO provides access to pay stubs for all active employees from stores. Need helps, ask your manager. You must review your pay stubs carefully, including tax dedication, working hours etc and ensure that you have been paid for correct number of hours. If you believe that you have been paid for incorrect hours, please contact with your manager or timekeeper.

AEO also provides access to year end tax statements for all active employees through W2EXPRESS self service portal. To access the W2EXPRESS self service portal, go to the Resource link and enter the following information-

Enter American Eagle Outfitters employer code: 11849
Enter your User ID
Enter PIN number

If you are new to this system, you need to contact with Human Resource department to receive initial user ID and PIN number.

If you’ve previously logged into this system, no needed to create an account again. Use Forget user ID & PIN number link. It will ask you a few of security questions that set up on the time of first login.


Adidas Pay Stubs & W2s

The purpose of this article is to discuss the step by step information for retrieving an online copy of pay stub and year end tax statement as an active employee of Adidas group. Adidas group is the second largest sportswear and accessories manufacturer in the world. Reebok, Taylor made, Rockport, SLD are also brands of Adidas. By the way, if you are Adidas US employee, the following information will help you to retrieving an electronic copy of your pay stubs and W2s.

Retrieving Pay stubs

In order to retrieve your payroll information (also known as pay stubs), you must consent by registering via the Ceridian self service web portal (see Resource)

Make sure you have user name and password to access this portal. If you are new into the portal, you must contact your manager for login ID and password.

Once you have successfully logged into this portal, click on the Earning Statements link to view your pay stubs.

Click on desire check number to open and print.

Retrieving W2s

In order to retrieve your year end tax statement online, you must consent by registering via the W2EXPRESS (see Resource)

Use 51510 as employer code

To login enter your User ID and continue
Enter PIN number then login

You will be asking for recognizing your device, add or edit phone and email address and setup security questions.


Ceridian self service for Adidas

Whole Foods W2s & Paycheck Stub Online

An American supermarket chain also known as Whole Foods Market that primarily sells fresh foods without preservatives, colors, flavors etc. The company was opened on 1980, now it has approximately 434 running supper market with 92,000 employees. In addition, the company has already been opened “365 by whole foods market” supermarket. In my view, Whole Foods markets is well known for offering great benefits as compared to the other supermarket chain. Now I would like to discuss W2s and Paycheck stub online retrieval system.

Paycheck Stub Online

If you were able to access the Electronic Delivery of Earnings Documents by HOV services Inc website at as active employee of Whole Foods, continue to use your current user ID and password to view and print of your pay stubs. If you are new in this system, you may need to create an account. It is fifth steps, where you’ll be asking for establish a user ID, verify account information, create a password, set up security question and add personal information. If you have any more questions about paycheck stub please contact with Epay stub support center (see Resource)

W2s Online

Running year-end tax and wages statement is normally generated on the last week of January in the next year. You’ll be able to access it online. Follow W2EXPRESS (see Resource) and login with Social Security Number and PIN number. You’ll be also ask for Employer Code to access Whole Foods W2EXPRESS website.

Whole Foods W2EXPRESS employer code: 10890

If you are new employee, please contact with your manager for initial PIN number.

Epay Stub
Epay stub support center

Yates Services Pay Stubs & W2s

Yates services performs maintenance and mechanical operation in USA. However, if your service at Yates service, your payroll records repository at and payroll fund will be deposited into bank account. The employee self-service web portal (also known as pay stub portal) will allow you to access your wages statements online. Although, sometimes the paystub may appear in online before the actual payday, but funds will not be deposited until pay day.

Obtain Paystub from Online

To obtain a pay stub from your service at Yates service, please follow the step by step information in bellow-
Go to paystub portal for Yates Services (see Resource)
Returning user-
Login with your Employee ID and PIN number.
Can’t logging or forget your PIN number, you don’t need create an account just press the “Forget Your PIN” link and correctly answer the security question you chose at 1st logon. If your security questions has been correctly answered, then you’ll promoted to create new PIN number.
New User-
1. Click on the “First visit Register now” link.
2. Validate your Identity with Employee ID, DOB and last three digits of your social security number.
3. Establish a new PIN number
4. Answer the some security questions
5. Add contact information
Would like to obtain your pay stub via phone, make a call at 888-959-3389.

Obtain W2 statements
Your Year-end tax statement will be mail to your address on or before January 31. For more information logging into Yates Employee Portal (see Resource)

Yates service paystub portal
Yates employee portal

Manpower Pay Stubs and W2s

Manpower is an American workforce solution company that offers full time and part time job opportunities for a wide range of talent sets and in a variety of industries. Basically Manpower work with most admired companies. Also offer competitive salary and benefit programs including health benefits, paid holiday, referral bonus, 401k (benefits package do vary by worksite and/or location).

Most of different Manpower office processes payroll on a weekly basis and allows different payroll options including: ADP total pay card, direct deposit into bank account (checking or savings), pickup at Manpower local office, and mail or delivery paycheck into worksite. If you do not set any option, then your paycheck will be held in the local office for pickup. If you would like enroll for ADP total pay card or direct deposit option, please contact with your local representative. Manpower group offer to setup payment option online.

Pay Stubs

Some Manpower office offer online pay stub for employees, and some of use paper pay stub. In general, if your local office process pay stub online, then you will retrieve it online. Manpower pay stub portal is also known as Manpower web center. We found some we center address for difference manpower office.
1. Las Vegas Nevada and Northwest Arizona
2. Manpower Illinois
3. Manpower New Mexico
4. Riverside area
5. Manpower San Diego, California

Manpower W2s

Want to retrieve receive your year-end tax statement online? Manpower, Manpower group, manpower solution, experis, Right management employee will access their year-end tax statement from paperless employee self-service portal in following way-

1. Returning user: Enter user ID and Password to login.
2. New into the system: Create an Account
3. To create, click on “Create Account” button.
4. Validate your accessibility with ZIP code, SSN and first three latters of last name.
5. Establish an account user ID and password.
6. Setup security questions and fill up it answer.
7. Add personal and contact information. Use valid email and phone number.
8. Select delivery option for your W-2s. Yes option is to use for electronic delivery. Finally submit to complete registration process.

Fill up payment option

McDonald’s Pay Stub & W2s

McDonald’s is the largest hamburger chain in the world. The chain operates approximately 37,000 restaurants in around the world. And also offers competitive wages, benefits and incredible 401(k) for US employees. In this article, I’ll discuss about the online pay stub and year-end tax retrieval system of the company. This information is only for McDonald’s US employees. If you are outside US, please ask your manager.

Retrieve Pay stub-

Paystub portal is a place for McDonald’s employees to access pay stub information away from work. So, retrieve in the following way-
1. Visit to the Paystub portal/caspers (See Resource)
2. Sign in with Employee ID and PIN. If you have not already done so, you will need to a PIN number in this system.
3. Click on First Visit, Register now link to establish a new PIN.
4. Enter employee ID, date of birth, last three digits of SSN, set security question and establish PIN. Make sure you have receive at least a paper pay stub, still problem to logging please contact with your payroll office.
5. Call at 888-959-3389 to retrieve via phone.

Retrieve W-2 statement online-

Since 2015, access Paperless Employee to view, print or reprint your year-end tax statement online. If you would like to retrieve w2 for 2014 or prior year, please logging into pay stub portal (see Retrieve pay stub). Follow the following information to retrieve W2 statement online for 2015 or later.
1. Go to the PaperlessEmployee/Mcdus (see Resource)
2. Login with User ID and password.
3. Validate your accessibility with employee ID, SSN and DOB.
4. Establish an account user ID and password.
5. Setup security questions and fill up it answer. It required to reset password.
6. Add personal and contact information. Use valid email and phone number.
7. Select delivery option for your W-2s. Yes option is to use for electronic delivery.
8. Finally submit to complete registration process.
Note: If you receive last year-end tax statement from this self-service portal, You have not create an account again. Just use user ID and password. If forget your password, use the Reset link.


Whataburger Paycheck Stubs & W2s

Whataburger is an American restaurant chain that offers competitive salary and benefits program for employees. The company also sharing profit with employees (condition applied). However, I would like discuss here about the company’s paycheck stubs and year-end tax statement because it is common problem for all Whataburger employees. Sometimes they are not receiving proper information from managers or upper level team management. In accordance to state and federal law, the company offer electronic delivery of weekly pay check stubs and year-end tax statements to employees. So if you would like to avoid mail delays to receive your weekly paycheck stub and year-end tax statement, just register at paperless employee system for free in following way-

Enter user ID and Password

If you have created an account in the paperless employee system, just login with your user ID and password and login. If you forget your password, use password reset link. The system will ask you the password reset security question that you were answered on the password establish time. Do not create an account again, if still have problem, contact with your payroll department.

Create an Account

If you have not already done so, you will need to create an account in the paperless employee system. To create, click on “Create Account” button.
Validate your accessibility with employee ID, SSN and DOB. Your employee ID is your clock number, SSN without leading zeros or 666 and DOB in mm-dd-yyyy format.
Establish an account user ID and password. User ID must be 6-15 characters of your choice, and password is case sensitive.
Setup security questions and fill up it answer. It required to reset password.
Add personal and contact information. Use valid email and phone number.
Select delivery option for your paycheck stubs and W-2s. Yes option is to use for electronic delivery. Finally submit to complete registration process.


Ultipro Pay Stub & W2s

Ultipro from Ultimate software is a cloud based payroll solution software that using a lots of U.S. employer (including Google, Godaddy, First American etc). This software system allows workplace login from home with internet enabled device. In accordance of user rating, it is competitive with easy user tools. Preferred browsers are Internet explorer, Firefox and Chrome. Most of users are facing difficulty to logging into Ultipro portal because they comes from search engine results. It’s important to type your employer’s/ company’s ultipro address in the Address bar of your browser. Sometimes it will not be found via web search. By the way, if you feel trouble with correct employer address, then you need to contact with your employer. In general, you will be presented with this following steps to logging-

Ultipro Log In

Enter your user name and password. Ultipro user ID can be email address, personnel number or social security number etc. It’s very from company to company. For your first time login, initial password is required, ask your employer for user ID and password.
First time logging, choose your new password- you will promote to add some personal information and choose a new password.
Choose your security question-At finishing step, you’ll promote to answer a couple of question to retrieve password when forget. Need help, ask in comment.

We found a few of companies/ employer Ultipro resource link in the bellow-

Company/Employer name- Ultipro resource
1. Acadia Healthcare- (Time & Attendance)
2. Allegaint Air- (Time & Attendance)
3. Apollo group- (Pay check stubs and W2s)
4. Archdiocese & Baltimore- https:// (Pay check stubs and W2s)
5. Asbury Automotive group- https://
6. BBI Connect-
7. Behavioral Specialist Consultant-
8. Bunzl Connect-
9. Clearwater paper-
10. Coach New York-
11. CoreResource-
12. Community Health System-
13. First American-
14. First Midwest Bank-
15. GoDaddy- https://
16. Google-
17. Harvey Mudo College-
18. Infosynic-
19. Plan source-
If not listed, please ask on comment section.

PTI Pay Stub & W2s

PTI (Professional Transportation Inc.) was founded by untied companies in 1980. Since it began working, the company has been provided crew transportation service with safety and time performance. PTI has been offered online self-service for their employee to access pay roll information and personal information. Once it was named Recently, PTI has been announced a new self-service portal for their driver only, where are an overview of available benefits for Drivers. If you would like enter into driver portal, see Resource for link.

Logging into Paystub portal to retrieve pay stub

Logging in for first time, must complete registration process, just visit to the Resource suggested link and click on “First visit, Register Now” link. Validate your Identity with employee ID, date of birth and social security number. Create a password, set security question and update contact information. Exiting user can be logging with employee ID and established PIN number.
Would you like to retrieve by phone, just call to the 888-959-3389. It is an automatic phone system, and will ask you few personal information.

Retrieve W2 statement

Your Year-end tax statement will be mail to your address on or before January 31. If you’re not living in the filled address, so need to make change or correction to your address, It is possible online, just login PTI driver portal (see Resource). Click on the “Request a change address” under HR tab on home menu.


PTI Paystub portal
PTI Driver portal

staffmark Check Stub and W2s

Friday is the stander pay day of staffmark, but there are individual pay day for individual state. This company has already been join to paperless program. As results, both direct deposit and Skylight pay card holder employee will access online of their payroll information. Online Wage Statements is your source to access pay check stubs and w2s online. On each Friday, you will view the last week check stub on the wage statement portal. But running year’s wage and tax statement (W2s) will be available on or before 31 January in the next year. You can email notification option to getting notification when your W2s or check stub is available. Have a question, please ask in comment section or call to the 877-656-3020.

Logging into Online Wage Statement system to retrieve check stubs-

1. Visit to the onlinewagestatement/staffmark (see Resource)
2. Login with your user name (social security number) and password. Logging for the first time, use last four digits of social security number as initial password.
3. First time user will directed to change initial password. Existing will promote to change password in the certain period.
4. Click on Wage statements and W2 links.
5. Select desired check stub from drop down menu

Logging into Online Wage Statement system to retrieve W2s-

Login in the same way of check stub
Click on the Wage statements and W2 link
Select desire W2 from drop down menu.