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How to Access Pilot Flying J Employee Pay Stubs & W2s online

If you are a Pilot Flying J employee, you have come to the right place. The purpose of this article is to present and discuss the online retrieving system of your pay stubs and year end tax statements. We know Pilot Flying J is a chain of truck stops in the USA and Canada. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is 38.6% owner of this company. However, all employee of this company will be paid weekly. If you are newly hired, there are a number of ways you can access your payroll account. A) Direct deposit: direct deposit of an employee’s paycheck can be made into his/her banking accounts. B) Payroll card: through an ATM. C) Payroll checks.

Retrieving Pay Stubs & W2s
Accordingly, the company encourages all employees to join pilot travel center serf service (see Resource). The employee self service portal has been provided information on employee benefits, payroll information including pay stubs and w2s. You can also view your pay stub online 24 hours in advance of day date at this portal. On the other hand, a report of social security deductions and income deductions made from an employee’s income during a calendar year is known as W2, it will be mailed to your filed address by the last week of January. In order to access join pilot travel center serf service (see Resource), you will be asked for your employee Identification number, Initial of your first and last name (for example- your name Jhon Smith, then enter JS.), year of birth only and last four digits of social security number.

For more help, or have any question, please ask in comment. Or call 1-865-474-2541 option 4 or email


Pilot Travel Center Self Service- Pilot Flying J Pay Stubs & W2

How to Access La Quinta Inn Pay Stubs & W2s Online

As an employee at La Quinta Inn & suites, you’ll be given a competitive benefit package including life insurance, health insurance, paid time off, 401k etc. In general, the benefit package can show a discrepancy based on the state and country in which you are working. By the way, as a La Quinta Inn & suites US employee, you have access to ADP self service portal. ADP self service offers employees the ability to view their payroll and tax statements online. Each employee will receive a pay stub which itemizes the gross pay, net pay and all deductions include federal income tax, social security tax etc. According to the La Quinta Inn & suites payroll policy, full time employees are bi weekly, and your pay will be automatically credited to your banking account each pay day. If pay days fall on a holiday or weekend, then you will be paid on the next business day.

Access ADP Self service
In order to access ADP self service portal, follow the steps below:
1. Log into the ADP self service portal (see Resource)
2. If you are a first time user, you must register in order to use ADP self service online. Once you have complete registration process, you do not need to re-register every year.
3. click on “Register now” button (near the bottom of the page)
4. Information you will need to register:
You will need your registration code. Please Call at 1-800-376-0841 for the registration code, employee ID, DOB, SSN and company code- TVJ, personal details and contact information.
5. Once complete your registration process, active your email address and phone number.
6. If you see this message “you have no statements available to view” after log in, select “change your paperless options” and complete the activation process.
7. If you have more questions, contact at Corporate Payroll Department, 909 Hidden Ridge Drive Suite 600, Irving, TX 75038 email:

ADP self service

Starbucks Pay Stubs & W2s

Starbucks is one of the world largest coffeehouse chains. The coffeehouse chain’s opened its doors in 1971 at the pike place market, Elliott bay in Seattle, Washington. It was conceived and developed by Jerry Baldwin, Zev Siegl and Gordon Bowker. In general, all new partners/employees (including retail salaried and nonretail partners) have some questions concerning when and how they are going to get paid.

On pay day, each employee who is receiving a direct deposit of pay will access pay stub in the Starbucks My Partner Hub. This hub is a self service portal that allows employees to access pay stubs and electronic payment options. To access your pay stubs, simply go to the Resource suggested Starbucks My Partner Hub. You will be asked to enter your partner number and password. The login password is the same of MPI/MSS password. You will access pay stub via MPI/MSS in workstation also.

If you are current partner, your digital copy of year end tax statement also known as W2 will access online through Starbucks password self service portal (see Resource). If you are former partner, you will have to call the Starbucks partner contact center number at 866-504-7368.

According to Reddit, partner of Starbucks will be access their W2s through ADP self service portal. To access you have to register on the ADP portal –, click on Register button and enter your code “Starbucks-2016W2”.


Starbucks My Partner Hub- Pay Stubs
Starbucks password self service- W2s

Logan's Roadhouse Employees Pay stub & W2s

Logan’s Roadhouse is a chain of leading steakhouse with delicious mesquite-grilled steaks, traditional American fare, ice-cold longneck beer, homemade yeast rolls, and unlimited buckets of in-shell peanuts etc. If you are working with this company, the company offers competitive benefits for you including; competitive compensation, 401k retirement plan, insurance (medical, dental, vision care, long term disability, short term disability, and life insurance) paid vacation etc.

Employees will be paid bi-weekly and all employees must be enrolled in direct deposit program to get paid timely. Direct deposit is not mandatory, but it is eliminates the risk of lost and stolen checks. If you have not any bank account, ADP offers ALINE Visa card to get paid timely of your money. The year end tax statement of 2017 will be available on the last week of January 2018.

ADP web portal allows you to establish an account and access pay stubs and year end tax statements online. Once you have established an account, your pay stub will be available for immediate view on your scheduled payday. If you are an ALINE card holder then you also truck balance and transaction of your card history. ADP also offers mobile application for both iPhone and android and available on the iTunes and google play.

Visit ADP web portal (see Resource). Once you are on the website, follow these instructions-

You will ask for Registration pass code. It is provided by Human Resource dept. So contact with HR at first, if you are new user. Complete the registration process.

If you already have a user ID and password, just use these user ID and password to login.


Janco Pay Stubs

JEI is a contract manufacturing Services Company with innovative manufacturing techniques and world class team staff. Since 1958, JEI has been working with the philosophy of founder Lewis Janetos for customer satisfactions. However, the team member or staff of JEI may now pay stubs and year tax statement online at any time and anywhere. Pay Stub Portal is an online website created by first data corporation that lets you view and print your pay stubs and other payroll information.

Before you begin

To access your pay stub from paystubportal website, you will need complete the registration process with your social security number, date of birth and employee ID. Before you begin, make sure you have received at least a paper pay stub. Then do this-

Get Started

Go to (see Resource)

Click First visit? Register Now

Enter your Email ID, DOB and last 3 digits of SSN and submit. If the system says you that you already have an account, then click Sign in Now link and login with your employee ID and PIN.

Otherwise, create and conform a PIN.

Then you will see “Your PIN has been set, You can now use your PIN to access this site”

Click Sing in Now

When you sign in, you’ll able to view and print your paystubs and manage your account.

If you would like to notify via text message or email address, please select the email and text message tab to sign up for notification.



Edwards Pay stub & W2s

Edwards is a medical equipment company in America. Now it is the global leader in artificial heart valves. The company outsources pay stub services to First Data Corporation and w2s services to TALX. Edwards offers employees to view or print their pay stub and w2s online from any computer with internet access.

Pay stub
Your pay stub can be accessed online through Use the Resource link in below to access, you will be directed to the paystub portal site in new tab of your browser and asked to provide your employee ID and PIN number to sign in. If you are new user, you need to establish a new PIN. From the paystub portal for Edwards welcome page, click on First visit? Register Now link to establish a new PIN. Once logged in, you can view your pay stub. You will also setup phone and email notification to receive a notification when paystubs are available to view or print online.
If you have any questions concerning your pay stub, please contact with your payroll department or comment here.

W2express is a convenient, secure and user friendly self service portal that will allow Edwards employees to view and print w2s 24/7 from any computer with internet access. Using W2EXPRESS, you will effortlessly be able to:

• View and print current year W2s
• View and print prior years W2s
• Setup notification to receive email notification when W2 are available to online view.

If you are ready, just go on the web ( and register or login to receive your W-2 online. Login to your account by entering-

1. Edwards’s employer code: 11646.
2. Your User ID
3. Your PIN (for user ID and PIN number, contact with your payroll manager)
4. If this is your first time log on, you will go through six steps registration process including identify your device, select security image, set up security question. Contact information, change the initial PIN etc.

Note: please read the W-2 consent disclosure carefully.


Shell Pay Stubs & W2 online

Shell is an energy and petrochemical company that active in every area of oil and gas industry. In accordance of market value, it is the world second largest oil company. However, this article will walk you through the steps for accessing your pay stubs and w2s online. Shell has more than 93K employees worldwide, but the following information is applicable for US employee only.

Instruction for accessing and printing pay stub via TALX Paperless Pay

If you would like to logging into TALX paperless pay from home, you must have inter access device. Paperless pay allows Shell employees to view and print pay stub online. But if you are new employee, you can’t setup your account at TALX paperless pay until after you have received your first paycheck. To access your pay stub online-
1. go to the TALX paperless pay for Shell or (see Resource)
2. From the Shell paperless pay page, click on “Click Here to Login”
3. Enter your social security number without dashes and leading zeros
4. Enter your PIN number. [ New user must be use default PIN number, it is provided by Shell HR ]
5. There are six steps to setup an account for new users. Once you have set up you account, you will be able to access pay stub online.
6. If you need further assistance, please contact with your payroll department.

Instruction for accessing and printing W2s via W2EXPRESS

1. To access W2s go to the W2EXPRESS website or search using keyword “w2express”. You may also use our Resource.
2. Type in your Employer code then click Go. Shell employer code is 11416,
3. Enter your Social security number (SSN) then click on Continue
4. Enter PIN number then log in, if you have not previously logged on to W2EXPRESS, you must set up your account with default PIN number and Social security number. The initial PIN number is provided by your Human Resource or Payroll department.
5. Once you have setup your account online, you will be able to access the W2EXPRESS system at any time.
6. If you are a new employee, no W2s will be visible until last week of January.


Price Chopper Pay Stub & W2s

This article will walk you through the steps for accessing your pay stubs and year end tax statements. In order to access your pay stub and year end tax statements, the W2s has been hosted in the third party W2EXPRESS self service portal. The W2EXPRESS portal is operated and maintained by Equifax. It is a secure electronic w2s view for current Price chopper and Golub associates employees.

Instruction for accessing and printing W2s via W2EXPRESS

1. To access W2s go to the W2EXPRESS website or search using keyword “w2express”. You may also use Resource suggested link.
2. Type in your Employer code then click Go. Price Chopper employer code is 10581,
3. Enter your User ID then click on Continue
4. Enter PIN number then log in, if you have not previously logged on to W2EXPRESS, you must set up your account with default PIN number and user ID. The initial user ID and PIN number are provided by your Human Resource or Payroll department.
5. Once you have setup your account online, you will be able to access the W2EXPRESS system at any time.
6. If you are a new employee, no W2s will be visible until last week of January.
7. If visible, you must have PDF reader installed on your computer or mobile device to view W2.

If you need further assistance, please post your questions in the comment.


My Price Chopper
Direct Connect Portal

Merit pay stub & W2s

This article contains instructions on how to retrieve the Merit pay stubs and year end tax statements online. It includes step by step information that assists you to retrieve your pay stubs and W2s effortlessly. It is not a new benefits that offered by Merit, but the majority of associate staff are trying to access by search engine results. As results, some times it is hard for someone.

Retrieving Pay Stub
Merit offers you access to your earning statements (also known as Pay stubs) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Paystub Portal self service website. It secure and confidential way to view your pay stubs. You will also access your paycheck stub information through phone or text messages. To retrieve, logging into by following way-
1. Go to (see Resource)
2. Sign in with employee ID and PIN number.
3. If you are new user, click on Register Now link. You will then be prompted to complete registration process. During registration, you will be asked for employee ID, DOB and SSN and create a PIN number.
4. Once complete, sign in again.
5. By default, your most current pay stub is displayed on top.

Retrieve W2s
Merit also offer you access to year end tax statements online through W2EXPRESS. To retrieve online, follow the instruction in bellow-

Required information-

Employer Code: 11111
Social security number
PIN number (if you are user, please use default PIN number

1. Visit to W2EXPRESS (see Resource)
2. Enter 11111 in the employer code box.
3. Enter SSN
4. Enter PIN
5. If you are new user, complete registration process. It is six steps.
6. Once logged in, your W2s will appear on home menu.


Paystub portal

Allstate Employee Pay stubs & W2s

Allstate Corporation is a publicly held insurance company in America. It is listed on the New York stock exchange. By the way, if you are working in this company, it offers a comprehensive benefit packages that is competitive with other insurance company. In this topic, you will find the following information:

1. How to retrieve Allstate pay stubs online
2. How to retrieve your Allstate W2s online

Retrieve Allstate Pay stub

Allstate Corporation provides access to all benefits data online through myBenefits web portal. It can be accessed from internet connected any computer. You may view your current pay stub on the scheduled pay day and prior pay stubs are also retrieval though the web portal. Needed more help, call toll free 1-800-521-3535.

Retrieve W2s

Allstate is providing the electronic delivery of year end tax statement to its employees through Equifax W2EXPRESS. W2EXPRESS provides secure access to view your year end tax statement and manage your account. So you should have:

Employer code: 11197
Social security number: no dashes
PIN number: PIN number has been reset to default on January 2014.

Ready to retrieve now, go to W2EXPRESS (see Resource)
Enter your employer code (11197)
Enter your social security number without dashes
Enter your PIN number

If you’re new user, enter the default PIN number, and change your PIN number after setting up the security questions. Once logged in, view and print your year end tax statements.

Allstate benefit manager
Allstate myBenefits