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Randstad Pay Stub

Randstad is a multination human resource services company that provide regular temporary and permanent placement to in house, office or professionals space. If you are working at Randstad, the company encourages employees to paperless pay, rather than receiving a direct deposit pay stub. With paperless pay communication portal, you can review your check details online any time and all of your past pay stubs are archived for potential screening. Actually, electronic pay stub are typically available sooner than paper pay stub that need to be mailed out. You can access two different ways that are below-

Access Online

1. To access your pay stub online, visit TALX paperless pay communication portal for Randstad. ( see Resource for link).
2. If you are firs time user, you need a PIN number that provided by your employer. Randstad used date of birth as PIN number in (MMDDYY).
3. On the Randstad paperless pay communication log-in page, click on the “Click Here to Login” button.
4. If you are first time user, you will direct to change default PIN after entering social security number and default PIN. PIN must be 8-16 digits in length and contains only numbers.
5. If you are returning user, username then click “Continue”
6. Key your PIN or password and click on Login button.
7. If you would like to enroll in Risk based authentication, click “Enroll Now” button.
8. If the PC is your personal, you may select “Yes, I plan on using this computer to access my account in the future” click “Continue”.
9. Choose a security image, if needed, use arrows button to change picture” then click “Continue”.
10. Choose a security question from drop down menu and answer all of them. Click on continue.
11. If needed, add or edit your phone number and email address. Once complete, click on “Complete” button and you will directed to Main Menu of your account.
12. To view pay stub, select Pay stub option from main menu.

Access via Phone

Make a call the automated phone service at 1-800-951-3729*/ 866-6045-3729 and login with social security number and PIN. It will prompt to change PIN for first time user. And press 1 to your pay stub or request for a fax copy of your pay stub. Press 3 to check the status of a Fax request. Press 5 to change your PIN. Press # to repeat the menu. Press * to end call and press 0 button to speak to a client service representative.