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Panera Bread Pay Stubs Online

Sourceselfservice2.Ceridian.Com/Panera – Panera Bread Pay Stubs Website

Panera bread disclosed paper paystub for their employees who enrolled in direct deposit program. This means if you have direct deposit you will no longer receive paper earning statement. But all hourly, salary, baker, direct deposit and non direct deposit employees are able to access their paystub or earning statement online. Panera used Ceridian employee self service to given electronic benefits for their employees. So usually you have right of entry to view and print your electronic paystub online via Ceridian employee self service for Panera bread. On the other hand you will access your paystubs or payroll information at the café. In general, Ceridian ESS allows to view and print of your earning statements and W-4, set/edit/add banking account for direct deposit, update emergency contact and current address. To access Ceridian employee self service for Panera go the following way-

1. Go to the Ceridian employee self service for Panera (see Resource)
2. Type your user name and password in login required field. Your user id is your four digits store number + last five digits of social security number and your password is first six digit of your social security number. For example, Lucja B worked at 1708 and his SSN is 123-45-6789, then user name would be 17086789 and password would be 123456.
3. After first time login, you will immediately prompted to change your password to a 8 digits of your choice. If not prompted, to change your default password click on the “password” link under employee information field. Then you will be prompted to change your password to a minimum 8 digits alpha numeric password of your choice.
4. Paystubs appear as earning statement in Ceridian ESS home screen for logged in user. To view your pay stub, click on the “Earning statement” under Payroll and Tax Information, then you will see a list of your current earning statements and click on a displayed check number to see earning statement. Not display, I think you are first time, and will as soon as your first pay check is cut from the new system.
5. To setup bank account, click on the “Direct deposits” link that appear below of the Earning statements. And a new bank account for first time, if returning user or already add a bank account, you may able to update or change banking information.
6. If you can’t login, you should contact with your payroll manager or ask your café super visor / manager /administer.

Update: GSS/TI/Admin : 12/28/2014; 09:00 AM

Ceridian employee self service for Panera