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Leggett & Platt Pay Stub

Leggett & Platt is a manufacturer of home furnishing and fixtures individual materials since 1883. Leggett also designs and produce engineered components. There are more than 19000 employees and it is committed to equal opportunity and a great work environment where all persons are extravagance with respect and dignity. As an employee of Leggett & Platt, you are eligible for access your pay stub from Money Network pay stub portal. Your pay is deposited directly to your bank account or PayCard (if available). Not yet, you may request to issue a PayCard for you to conveniently access your earning. You will never have to wait for a check in the mail or have to pay a fee to cash a paycheck. Not only here, you’ll manage your contact information, pickup your pay stubs, annual W2’s and others. You also check your pay stub though online, via phone and email or text message.

To check online, you must login to account. To login, employee ID and PIN are needed. If you are first time users, go to the Money Network Pay stub Portal website for Leggett & Platt (see link in the Resource section). Click on the Register Now link appear in the right side of the page after Login title and follow the prompts and enter all required information then submit and establish a unique PIN.

[Note; keep secure of your PIN, you will need PIN to access next each time].

Once complete or returning users, may login with your Employee ID and PIN number. If you enter wrong PIN for three times, your IP address will banned for 24 hours.

By phone
To access via phone, just call the automatic phone system at 888-959-3389, it will prompts to access your pay stub. (For phone system you will need enter the last four digits of social security number, employee ID and PIN number).

Tex message or Email
You may also receive notification via email or text message, to enable this option; you need sign up for automatic message or email options. It is available on your pay stub portal dashboard.