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How to Access Kroger Pay Stub

Kroger is one of the largest grocery stores chain in the USA under 2 dozen of local banner names including Kroger, Fred Meyer, QFC, King Soopers etc, which pay its employees in each week via ACH or direct deposit systems. More than 368,000 employees are operating nearly 2650 supermarket fuel center and grocery stores in 34 states of America. By the way, if you are with this chain, you had received your payment in each week, and your new week paystub is available online obtainable at before the day of payday. Basically in the electronics and modern internet era, paper paystubs are rear. There is so much cause, for example, sometimes individuals move to a new residence, if the pay stub is sent to the old address by the employer then the pay stubs may be return or lost. So epay stubs is better than paper paystubs. To get your paystub information online from Kroger, follow the following steps.

1. Visit the Kroger’s Secure WEB login page, in order to access this site, you should use your confidential information that are below-
2. Enter your user ID in the enterprise user id box. If you are new employee and don’t have user id, just contact your manager o security information officer. They will provide your individual user id password.
3. You should create a new password. To create a new password, visit the (known as passport express), and enter your user id from manager. There are few security steps that should complete to create your new password.
4. So enter your new password in the password box and click the “I agree” button. It will send to you your paystub dashboard. Choose a date from listing to view. Need help, call at the 1-800-952-8889.