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Horton CBi Pay Stub

To rent or buy an apartment, many states in Canada require you to submit proof of income, usually 3x the monthly rent amount. So if you are working at Horton CBi (CBi Canada), your company offers to you access official copy of your pay stub online paperless pay portal without making requests through the Payroll Department. Employees can view pay stub information from any computer, smart phone or mobile device that connects to the Internet. But you must be done login process at paperless communication from a laptop or PC for first time. You can’t be done first time login process from mobile device. Follow the instructions outlined below to login for paperless pay. The process takes 10-15 minutes, and you will have immediate, secure online access to your pay stubs.


There are few tasks that you need to do upon entering the system. At first, employees must be paid through the TALX paperless pay system at least once in order to register. This is so the website can verify a user’s employment before giving them access to the site.

Employees will go to the paperless pay communication portal for your company, see Resource (link 01).

Horton CBi’s (CBI Canada) employer code for paperless pay communication is 14090, use Resource suggested second link and enter your employer code.

Once there, the employee will click “Click Here to Login”

Once this is selected the employee will be directed to the “Login Screen” where employee ID number has to be entered without leading zero. Click Continue.

Once entered your employee ID number, you will be required to enter your personal identification number (PIN) in the next screen. Please ask your Human Resource about initial PIN if you are first time user. So enter your PIN number and click Login button. If you are returning user, you have five attempts to key the correct PIN. If you forget, click on the “Forget your PIN”.

Next screen will show risk based authentication for new user. So click on Enroll Now button to upgrade security and keep your information safe.

It is six steps enrollment process.
1. 1st steps will ask you to remember your computer for next time login, so if you would like remember you computer select “Yes” and click “Continue” button. Otherwise select No and continue.
2. In the next screen, you should setup a security image, you may use arrow button to change image. Click on Continue.
3. In the 3rd steps, you should enter personal question for security. So select question and answer then click Continue.
4. In the 4th steps, add your Phone and email address. Please add original phone and email address as you will notify by phone and email when your pay stub ready to view. To get notification you must sign up for email and text alert.
1. Last steps will review all of steps security questions and your response. So ensure that you have answered all questions by enter continue button.
Once completed the risk based authentication enrollment process, the next window will prompted to change your default PIN. So key your default PIN at first and enter new PIN two times. Once you key successfully, you are ready to review you pay stubs.

By Phone

TALX paperless pay systems allow requesting for send a fax copy of your pay stub by phone. To request, you may call at 1-800-951-3729*/ 866-6045-3729/ 888-641-3729. For automatic phone system-
Press “1” to your pay stub or request for a fax copy of your pay stub
Press “3” to check the status of a Fax request
Press “5” to change your PIN. Press # to repeat the menu
Press “*” to end call
Press “0” button to speak to a client service representative.

1. TALX paperless pay