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Holiday Stationstores Employee’s Pay Stub and W2

Holiday Stationstores is one of the top leading company in the gasonline and convenience store industry with over 500 stores in 10 states throughout the northern tier region of the US and Alaska. Holiday is also 25th largest convenience stores in the USA. The company has been in business for over 80 years and it was started by Erickson brothers in 1928. However, if you are working at Holiday, the company follows applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations to wage and hour issues and your wages statement, W-2 are online. Your W-2 for 2014 will be available on January, 2015. If you would like to receive your W2 electronically, you can use the quick Sign Up Today to Get Your W-2 Online link. Electronic W2s are typically available sooner than paper W2s that need to be mailed out. On the other hand, your wages statements will be available before the day of pay day at online wage statement portal as Holiday has joined with Skylight Financial to provide earning statement and year end tax statement in electronic delivery to employees. To access, online wage statement portal follows the following directions-

1. Go to the online wage statements website for Holiday Stationstores. (see Resource to get link)
2. On the Holiday online wage statements log-in page, key your username and password. Username is your employee ID without leading 0s and passwords are your last 4 digits of you social security number (SSN).
3. If you are first time user, you will direct to change default password after entering username and default password.
4. Change your password by entering two times and click on Continue button then dashboard will appear. Password must be at least 6 characters long with number, special character, upper and lowercase letter. Returning user directly access dashboard when login.
5. To view and pay stub or wage statements click on “Wage statements and w2s” link.
6. Select a Check Date from the Check Date drop down menu.
7. Click on download link.
8. To download W2, click on “Wage statements and w2s” link.
9. Select a year for desired w2 from the drop down menu
10. And finally click on the Download W2 link to review and save or print the W2. If needed more help, please contact with your store manager.