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ExxonMobil Employees Benefits

ExxonMobil doesn’t provided online paystub service like Walmart, McDonald etc. But its employee may check their paystub at ExxonMobil Me intranet site though an ExxonMobil network connected computer. Actually ExxonMobil Me is the ExxonMobil human resource intranet site that can be accessed though a company network connected computer at work by current employee. If you can’t access the intranet site but current employee, you should contact your human resource manager or contact at Active Employees, Retirees and survivors ExxonMobil benefits service center (Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm), Phone 1-800-682-2847 or 1-800-833-8334, PO box 199540, Dallas, TX 75219-9722.

ExxonMobil Family
There are ExxonMobil family website where ExxonMobil US employee, retirees and their family may access essential service and information. For example, after retirees you don’t need visiting to office periodically for pension or other benefits, just online manageable. After death of employees, beneficiaries will use this website. ExxonMobil Family website address is

ExxonMobil Retiree Online Community
In the ExxonMobil online community website only retiree and survivors are allowed. The community web address is
ExxonMobil provided benefit plans are below-
Savings plan
Pension Plan
Medical plan
Dental plan
Vision plan
Pre-Tax Spending plan
Disability plan
Life insurance plan

ExxonMobil provided benefit programs are below-
Global fit discount program
Product discount
Flexible work arrangements
Leaves of Absence
Focused Assistance program
Education, culture and volunteer involvement program etc.