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Cracker Barrel Employee Pay Stub Online

Cracker Barrel has transitioned to paperless pay with a 3rd party vendor for their employee. The 3rd party vendor name is online wage statement which is provides you paystub and W2 information online. So, employee of Cracker Barrel may access their online wage statements with their user name and password. Your user name is your employee id and password is last four digits of your social security number. /cbocs is intended to access your paystub and is intended to access your W2 forms. If needed any help through phone, just call your home office at 1-615-444-5533 and extension is 63013.

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant chain and gift stores. Now there have over 600 stores and more than 70000 employees in the USA. But there have free employee assistance program that’s help and counseling to employee’s personal, family and job related problem. So if you think you are in problem (mental), you may call at 1-800-6330 any to get free counseling or visit Employee Assistance Program office. According to Cracker Barrel EAP portal, there have two licensed counselor (Tamara Gremillion, MED, LPC, CEAP as senior EAP counselor and Stefanie Curtiss, MA, LPE, CEAP as EAP counselor.