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Chesapeake Bay Pay Stub

Chesapeake Bay’s employes may access their pay stub online around the clock. That means, you no need to come into the store to pick up your check. Your pay will automatically deposit to your bank account or pay card at the payday but for everything, just need an action for first time. If you are new hired you should contact your payroll manager and request for online access of your pay stub. Now it is convenient and easy access online. First data announced four options for their clients, so you will use all of options by following ways.

First time users, you will need to provide your employee ID, date of birth and last three digits of social security number and the URL of money network pay stub portal for your company (see the URL link in the Resource section) to join this program. If you don’t have this information, contact your manager for assistance.

On your Pay stub Portal website, click on the Register Now link appear in the right side of the page after Login title and follow the prompts and enter all requested information then submit and establish a unique PIN.

[Note; keep secure of your PIN, you will need PIN to access next each time].

Once complete, login with your Employee ID and PIN number. If you enter wrong PIN for three times, your IP address will banned for 24 hours.

By phone
To access via phone, just call the automatic phone system at 888-959-3389, it will prompts to access your pay stub. (For phone system you will need enter the last four digits of social security number, employee ID and PIN number).

Tex message or Email
You may also receive your pay stub and related information via email or text message, to enable this option you need sign up for automatic message or email options. It is available on your pay stub portal dashboard.

About Chesapeake Bay
Chesapeake Bay is restaurant group in the Maryland and Virginia areas with 35 locations. This is not a bad place for work. They provide opportunity for employee to start growing career with highly competitive salaries, bonus, profit sharing, medical and dental program, 401k, 14 day paid vacation per year and five working day per week.