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This article contains instructions on how to retrieve the Merit pay stubs and year end tax statements online. It includes step by step information that assists you to retrieve your pay stubs and W2s effortlessly. It is not a new benefits that offered by Merit, but the majority of associate staff are trying to access by search engine results. As results, some times it is hard for someone.

Retrieving Pay Stub
Merit offers you access to your earning statements (also known as Pay stubs) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through Paystub Portal self service website. It secure and confidential way to view your pay stubs. You will also access your paycheck stub information through phone or text messages. To retrieve, logging into by following way-
1. Go to (see Resource)
2. Sign in with employee ID and PIN number.
3. If you are new user, click on Register Now link. You will then be prompted to complete registration process. During registration, you will be asked for employee ID, DOB and SSN and create a PIN number.
4. Once complete, sign in again.
5. By default, your most current pay stub is displayed on top.

Retrieve W2s
Merit also offer you access to year end tax statements online through W2EXPRESS. To retrieve online, follow the instruction in bellow-

Required information-

Employer Code: 11111
Social security number
PIN number (if you are user, please use default PIN number

1. Visit to W2EXPRESS (see Resource)
2. Enter 11111 in the employer code box.
3. Enter SSN
4. Enter PIN
5. If you are new user, complete registration process. It is six steps.
6. Once logged in, your W2s will appear on home menu.


Paystub portal

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