Union Pacific Railroad Employee Pay Stubs

Union Pacific used SAP ePayroll application to process employee’s wages. There are at least 45000 employees in different position including administration, engineering, IT, general labor etc, so if you are one of them- you will access it online. Actually you will find lots of opportunities of ePayroll- it has reduce cost, anytime acceptable, access from anywhere etc. On the other hand, if you don’t participate in ePayroll or direct deposit then your payment will be made in paper check and you will receive paper pay stubs via mail that need few days to receive. Sometimes paystubs are essential to applying and proof your income for food stump, EBT card, Medicaid or others states offered federal benefits program. Then it is disgusting for waiting paper paystubs.

If you enrolled to direct deposit or ePayroll, you no need apply for specific ePaystubs. Just tick on the direct deposit e-paystubs option when fill up the direct deposit or ePayroll registration form. To access your paystubs, go following way-
1. Visit to the union pacific employee portal.
2. Click on an option (current employee/ retires).
3. If you are current employee you will redirected to login page, and press your user ID and password to login. You user id same of TCS, TSO id.
4. If you can’t access, you may call at 1-800-621-8953 (toll free) press 1>>3 for assistance.
5. Once logged in, you will access- pay stubs, w-2 / 1099R, w4 and change or setup your bank account to direct deposit. Need more help, call at 1-877-275-8747 to contact human resource help line.

Resource: Union Pacific ePayroll

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