Red Robin Employee Pay Stubs

Red Robin is good employer who gives you the electronic paystub accessing opportunity if you are personnel or staff of this restaurant chain. Not only online paystub accessing opportunity, they have comprehensive plans that possibly will allow you to meet all of your health, retirement and work life needs. The chain is also known as casual dining restaurant which operating since 1969. Now there are at least 450 restaurants. However that if you are working at this company follows the following direction to access your electronics paystub online.

1. Red Robin has covenanted with Docagent digital media to gives their staff electronic paystubs. So you should visit first the Doc Agent payroll portal for Red Robin international (click here for link).
2. Make sure, adobe reader has been installed in your PC. Not yet, install first as you only view your pay stub in pdf format.
3. Login with your ID and password. If you are first time, use your team member ID number in the user ID field and use your last four digits of social security number in the password field.
4. Can’t login, you should contact your payroll manager, and fill up the requisition form. Already applied, call at the 303-846-6112 for assistance. If the information is help full, please let me know via comment. You comment is valuable for me, and inspire to me.

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  1. Hi my name is Brandy Sandoval I need my 2017, 2018 w2s sent to 1153 Buckhorn Rd
    Roseburg oregon 97470 my phone number is 5413781851 also send w2s to mailing address and to my email as well.

  2. Geemel Rose Biboso  |  

    Please someone help me get my paystub I don’t know how. I asked my manager and they said to go online, which I did and tried everything that was mentioned above for loging in but it is not working.

    Red Robin Langley
    6141 200 St, Langley City, BC V2Y 1A2

  3. My name is and I need my W-2 from 2019. I deleted the workday app after I stopped working there and I haven’t received it in the mail. I worked at the Ocala FL store for about a month and a half. I reached out to someone at corporate who said they would be in contact…. That was 3 weeks ago and I really need it.

  4. Charlotte Marie Dault  |  

    Hello, im trying to get my W-2 for 2019 from Red Robin-Hamilton Place, Chattanooga, TN. Ive tried going to the store and on the website and am having no luck. If you are able to help please contact me (423)682-1393

  5. Sorry to bother…. I’m asking for my 2018 w2 along with my wife’s 2018 so we can complete our fasfa paperwork. If you could please email to
    My name is Michael Loney and my wife’s name is Sarah Loney
    Phone number 3605230748

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