PTI Pay Stub & W2s

PTI (Professional Transportation Inc.) was founded by untied companies in 1980. Since it began working, the company has been provided crew transportation service with safety and time performance. PTI has been offered online self-service for their employee to access pay roll information and personal information. Once it was named Recently, PTI has been announced a new self-service portal for their driver only, where are an overview of available benefits for Drivers. If you would like enter into driver portal, see Resource for link.

Logging into Paystub portal to retrieve pay stub

Logging in for first time, must complete registration process, just visit to the Resource suggested link and click on “First visit, Register Now” link. Validate your Identity with employee ID, date of birth and social security number. Create a password, set security question and update contact information. Exiting user can be logging with employee ID and established PIN number.
Would you like to retrieve by phone, just call to the 888-959-3389. It is an automatic phone system, and will ask you few personal information.

Retrieve W2 statement

Your Year-end tax statement will be mail to your address on or before January 31. If you’re not living in the filled address, so need to make change or correction to your address, It is possible online, just login PTI driver portal (see Resource). Click on the “Request a change address” under HR tab on home menu.


PTI Paystub portal
PTI Driver portal

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    I still have not received my W2. It is now 2/21/17. I have contacted the IRS and filed a complaint. I will continue to file complaints until the issue is resolved.

  2. This is very upsetting to me I haven’t received my w2 in mail what my new address at all here it’s March the 2nd of 2017 no w2.

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