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As you began your employment with Pridestaff, this company offers payhub for you to view and download pay stub, create employee profile etc. However the self-service site will not be available to you until you receive your first pay check. Pridestaff pays on a weekly basis and it pay day is Friday, so your pay stub will available on each Friday and earning will be directly deposited to your bank account or global cash card account on the same day.

View Pay Stub

1. Make sure you have receive your first paycheck, now you are asking to Pridestaff Payhub employee self-service portal (see Resource).
2. Set up your account, to setting the self-service portal will ask you to enter your last name and password. Please contact with your local branch office and asked for payhub password.
3. In the next steps, the portal ask to select a box that says “No, I need to setup my password or reset my password”. To change default password, mark this box.
4. Then the system will direct you to change the password.
5. After changing the password, please update your profile with required information.
6. Now you are ready to review your pay stub and direct deposit information, this information will be automatically posted on each pay day.

View W-2s

Your W-2 statements will be mailed on or before 31 January. If you have not receive your W-2 statement in the first week of February, you need to with branch office to request for a duplicate copies. To get delivery of your W-2 statement online, contact your local office and file in your current email address. Or login to Pridestaff Document self-service for more.

Pridestaff Payhub
Pridestaff Document self service

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