Marquee Staffing Pay Stub & W2s

Marquee Staffing was founded nearly 25 years ago in Southern California to solution local staffing problems. Today it’s serving Irvine, Carlsbad, San Diego and Orange County, CA with quality services that meet the clients and talents expectations. It’s also one of the largest local staffing firms in the California. If you are already working for Marquee staffing, this article will help you find out your pay stubs and year end tax documents.

Marquee Staffing Pay Checks

The company offers weekly payment system for all employees. So your pay check will issue weekly and deposit to your bank account. Newly haired employees must be file in direct deposit form. For more information, please contact with your local representative.

Pay stubs & W2s

Marquee Staffing provides access to online view and print of employees pay stub and year end tax statement. To accessing your pay stub and W-2 online, setting up an online account by following way-
Go to Marquee employee login website, see Resource.

You will track your time, view and print your pay stubs.
Manage your job searches & keep update of your application

Your year-end tax statement will be mailed to your address on 31 January.
You can retrieve your year end tax statements in two way-
Complete and submit the W2 duplicate request form to have a copy of W2 emailed to you.
Or login to Employee login portal

Need more help, just click on contact form and fill in your question or complain.


Marquee Staffing Employee login center
Contact to Marquee Staffing

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