LGC Associates Pay Stub & W2s

LGC is a staffing company for food service and hospitality industry. In accordance to state and federal law, LGC associate may access their online pay stub and W-2 statement at any time using the Natpay self-service system. To access, following steps are required-

Logging in for the online pay stub

1. Go to the Natpay doculivery for LGC associate (see Resource)
2. Enter your social security number without dashes in the User ID field.
3. Logging for the first time, enter your initial password, in the password field, your initial password is combined with first name and last four digits of your social security number. For example, your name is John Gladney and social security number is 123-45-6789, then your initial password will be JOHN6789.
4. Click on the Log In button.
5. Now change your password and login again.
6. Click on Pay Stub tab to see list of pay stubs and view or download.

W2 statement
Your W2 statement will be mail to your address on or before 31 January. If you would like retrieve online, you need to contact with local representative. Following information will help to retrieve W2s online-
1. Visit to the w2.doculivery.com
2. Enter social security number, company ID and password via the on-screen pin pad and click Login. ( If you are logging for first time, contact with your payroll office for company ID and password)
3. Submit a valid email address.
4. Select check box, and click on the next enter contact information button.
5. Submit your contact information.
6. After conformation, click on the W-2s menu, and view available W-2s.



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