How to Do Employee Background Checks Online for Free

As an employer may be you are looking and wasting lots of time for this purpose but there is no such thing as a comprehensive employee background records check. For example, only the FBI has anyone criminal record checks capability, even in the internet era. In the present topics, I will share few of strategies that you use to check your employees background. Few of online media are providing employee background record but not for free; even there might be incorrect information about credit report, criminal record, property record and medical record etc. Let’s go to discuss the U.S. government pre employment checks law.

According to this law, before accessing employee’s background credit report, you should have written authority from the employee. If you have this permission, you may use FBI services for businesses. The FBI investigations build reliable background data to protecting your business including antitrust violation, bank robberies, cyber treats, economic espionage, fraud, infrastructure threats, piracy or intellectual property theft or other thefts, terrorism, WMD threats, work place threats etc. However that you may check employees criminal background online use the following direction-

Use Criminal Searches website: You may try a free nationwide search at The website is coverage few of state criminal record in the USA. Others criminal history or person record provider websites are Go local, think commercial, consider specialty lookups etc.

On the other hand, LexisNexis provide a free pre-screening background check by mail one time per year and offer to keep your personal and family information safe. This service is not for employer, you can check your own record for free. To access, visit and click the “Access your personal information” option under “Information about you” tab and download the “Full File Disclosure Request Form” and print out it. Complete fill up and send to the attention “Full File Disclosure”, P.O. Box 105108, Atlanta, GA, 30348-5108.

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