Brookstone Pay Stub & W-2 Statement

I hope I’m OK and you are OK. Today I would like to discuss on two subject that are important for Brookstone employee. Brookstone is an American consumer product retailer that’s operating more than 200 retail stores. I told that it is important, because all employees have a right to review their pay stubs every week to ensure that they are paid for all of the hours worked. According to American payroll association’s survey, more than 90% U.S. Company has already been joined in the direct deposit and paperless payroll system, so their employees need to access electronic pay stub. It is easy and convenience, but sometimes a number employee facing difficulty to access from online. This topics may will help them.
The other issue I’d like to focus on Year-end tax statement for Brookstone employee, let’s go.

Retrieve your pay stub

To track of your paid hours, you must retrieve your pay stub or wage statement online from Paystub Portal.
Logging into Paystub Portal
1. Visit to the Paystub portal/ Brookstone (See Resource)
2. Sign in with Employee ID and PIN. Do not have PIN, needed to establish first.
3. Click on First Visit, Register now link to establish a new PIN.
4. Enter employee ID, date of birth, last three digits of SSN, set security question and establish PIN. [Employee ID are available on paper pay stub] Can’t establish new PIN or doesn’t match with system information. Make sure you have receive at least a paper pay stub, still problem to logging please contact with your payroll office.
5. Would like to retrieve by phone, just call to the 888-959-3389.

W-2 Statement
W2 statement will be mail to you on or before 31 January, If need more help, reprint or correction, you can call to the Brookstone W2 hotline number at 603-577-8027.

Paystub portal/ Brookstone

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