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HEB is an American grocery store chain that specializes in high quality foods, gasonline, general grocery etc. Heb was founded in 1905 as single store Kerrville, Texas. Today, the company is operating more than 370 stores with 76,000 partner employees throughout the Texas and northern Mexico. However, the company offers valued partner perks card for their current full time and part time employees. It is designed for personal use of their partners. If you are former partner, you can reprint your prior taxes statement from W2 Management and your running year’s taxes states will be mailed to your address in the last week of January. If you needed a copy of your last pay stub, you can’t access it online, you must submit written letter with your full name, partner ID, and pay ended date of the check etc to the Partner service center. As former partner, you will also send the request by fax at 210-938-4797. Your pay stubs and W2s will not send to the email address.

If you are current partner, HEB designed a Partner Net portal that future for business purpose. You may login with your OnePass ID and Password at Partner Net portal. If you are new employee, please contact at partner service center for your OnePass ID and OnePass Password. Time keeping and payroll information are available at this portal. If you are trying to access FinNet, OnePass and PINPoint you can’t access from internet, you must login with HEB network.

As present partner, you may view, print and reprint your W2s online through W2 management. To access you will be require-
1. Employer code or name which is 13054/ H.E.B / H-E-B
2. Your seven digits employee ID/ partner ID
3. PIN number

If you are ready to access-

1. Go to Equifax W2 management website (see Resource)
2. Enter employer code, click Go
3. Enter your employee / partner ID. Click Continue
4. Enter your PIN number, Click Login
5. Complete the six steps risk based authentication.
6. Once complete, change your password and login again with new password.
7. Click “Go Paperless”
8. Click on Test Now
9. Enter personal and mailing information and click Save.
10. You will notify when your new W2 form is posted.

HEB PartnerNet
W2 Management

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  1. Hi,
    I used to work for heb for tow months five months ago, know I’m asking for my w2 fom already received my w2 from currently employment.

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