Employment Plus Pay Stubs & W2s

Employment Plus is a privately owned and one of the fastest rising staffing and professional recruiting services company in the USA. The company was created in the 1993, now it operating over 60 branch with 250+ corporate employees, 15,000 associates and 1000+ clients in US. Generally the company using Pay card and direct deposit option with its parent company (EmployBridge). So your payment automatically loaded to your pay card or local bank by direct deposit. You can also check your pay card remaining balance by calling at 888-265-8228, going online (condata.com) or visiting an ATM counts for free.

The company not yet uses 3rd party or partner services to electronic delivery of its associates pay stubs and W2s. So you can access original copy of your year end tax and wages statement online. If you are Employment Plus associates, your W2s will be mailed to your submitted address by postal services. If you need duplicate copy or reprint, please visit your local branch or contact with EP representative. If you have any question or complain about your Employment Plus representative, please call at 888-318-5627.

By the way, if you are an associate, you must access Avionte portal to input time and others feature. Just visit Resource suggested link and login to your account.

EP Avionte Portal

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