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Del Taco Pay Stubs & W2s

Del Taco is an American restaurants chain that operate most successful and active fast food restaurants. Del Taco’s employee are knowledgeable about their payroll system. But sometime, new employee are facing difficulties to retrieve their pay stubs, w2s etc. This article provides information on payroll period, payday, how to retrieve your pay stubs and w2 and resource.
The payroll period of Del Taco is two work weeks long or bi-weekly and payday is on Tuesday of the week following the end of the payroll period. You will be receive paper paycheck on payday unless you select to have your paychecks directly deposited into your bank accounts. To access all benefits information, you can log into your account from the log in form on the Del Taco HR benefits focus website.

Access Pay Stubs and W2s

All employees are encouraged to access their pay stubs and W2s online. Your pay stubs and W2s in one place named ADP iPay. The following instructions will be help you to access ADP portal.
1. Visit to the ADP iPay statement web site (see Resource).
2. You can also go directly to the login page provided by your Human Resource office.
3. Login with your user name and password. You can save or print your pay stubs and W2s when log in.
4. If you are new user, you will need to create new user name and password.
5. Click “Register Now” button.
6. Enter the Del Taco ADP registration pass code provided by your Human Resource office.
7. Click “Next”
8. Verify your Identity with Name, SSN, DOB etc. Click Next.
9. Enter your contact information with valid email ID and phone number, Click Next.
10. Select and answer some security questions, click Next
11. Establish a password, you will also see your user ID in this steps, click Submit.
12. Log in again with your user ID and password.

ADP iPay
Del Taco HR benefits@focus