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RGIS Pay Stubs & W2s

If you are an employee of RGIS llc, this article will discuss about your payroll system, direct deposit program, how to retrieve your pay stub online, how to retrieve your w2 online and Resource. At first your payroll and direct deposit: Rgis provides an option for employee to sign up for the direct deposit program. The direct deposit sign up form are available on Human Resource office and self-service website. Basically direct deposit goes into your bank account the day before paper paychecks are handed out. For regular employees, the normal pay period is bi-weekly.

Access Pay stub online
RGIS offers electronic pay statement availability, which will allow you to register and access your pay statement via the internet. To register and view/print your pay statement online, follow the step by step instructions-
1. Go to Paperless Employee self-service portal for RGIS (see Resource)
2. Click the “Create an account” button.
3. Enter all the details required to complete the “create an account” process. It is six steps including establish your own unique user ID, password. Verify your Identity with personal information. Setup security question and answer all the question you select.
4. After you create your user ID and password, log in using the user ID and password you set up.
5. Now you will have the option to view and print your pay statement.

Access W2 online
RGIS also offers W2 online for all employees, in general electronic W2s are free of charge and can be access at any time. New W2 will be available in the last week of January at ADP W2 self-service portal. You will receive your w2 approximately 3 business day sooner. If you do not have internet access, your will be mailed no later than 31 January. To access online follow the step by step instruction-
1. Go to the w2.adp.com
2. Log in with your user ID and password.
3. If you are first time user, click on “REGISTER” button.
4. Enter your RGIS registration code: rgisllc-w2 click next
5. Click on Yes button on Window
6. Complete all the details required on this screen when you select “yes” button including verify your identity and enter personal information, establish user ID and password, setup security questions etc.
7. Click on W2 service go paperless options.
8. Set up email notification.
9. Once available of your new W2, then you will receive an email alert. And login with your user ID and password to access.

Paperless Employee for RGIS
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