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Sears Holdings Pay Stub & W2s

Sears Holdings has established a MyHR self-service web portal where employee will be able in convenient and safe way to access pay stubs and other information. It is an American holding company that operates more than 1.5k retail stores in the United States. However, there are two types of employee 1) hourly employee and 2) salaried employee. If you are an hourly employee you will be paid bi-weekly unless required by state low. Your pay period run from Sunday through Saturday and pay day is Thursday (for direct deposit) or Friday (paper paychecks) following the end of each pay period. All hourly employee are responsible for checking their own pay statement on the normal scheduled pay day. Pay statements or pay stub will be available at 88 sears on each payday. If you are salaried employee, you will paid semi-monthly and your pay period run from 1st day of month through 15th day of month and 16th to last day of month.

Access Pay stubs
To access your pay stub online, login to: https://hr.searshc.com/aos/logon.do.
The login page will ask you for your Enterprise/LDAP user name and password. If you are first time user, you must reset your temporary password.
Once logged in, you will be able to view your pay stub online.

Access W2s
Each year, Sears Holdings is required to compile information regarding your earning and withholding for tax purpose. This information is described on a W-2 form and the W-2 form will be available online at end of January. You will access your W2 online at www.mytaxform.com.
Go to this web portal, and enter SEARS in the employer name field, and select your company name and complete login or registration process with required information.

88Sears- My Personal Information
My Tax Form- W2EXPRESS