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Marriott Pay Stub & W2s Online

Marriott is a leading hospitality company and #33 ranked in the Fortune 100 best companies to work for list. Founded by John Willard Marriott and his wife Alice Sheets in 1927, Marriott international now has more than 5700 properties worldwide. However, the present article will be describe about this company’s payroll system. So if you have any questions regarding payroll system of this company, I think it will be cover in this article, if not please ask in comment section. I will try my best. Currently all employees of this company are paid bi-weekly that means a pay period covers 14 calendar days. Payroll calendars are available in your workplace. On the payday, you will be paid for all hours worked during a pay period. The company can electronically transfer your fund into your bank account, you must fill-up and sign direct deposit authorization form for this service. If you have already sign up for this service, you will not receive your pay stub via standard mail. It is available online. You will access your year-end tax statement online if the following way-

Login 4myhr.com to access your pay stubs and W2s

Each employee will access an earning statement, which itemizes the gross pay, deductions and the net pay through 4myHR web portal. You will be asked for your enterprise ID and password to access this self-service portal.
If you are new employee, you will receive an enterprise ID (EID) and a temporary password from human resource department. You must change your temporary password using by Marriott password management system (see Resource) before use in 4myHR.
Need more help, contract the Marriot system support center at +1 (240) 632-6000.

Marriott password management system