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Walgreen Pay Stubs & W2s Online

Walgreen is a well-known pharmacy store chain in the United State who provides its employee with a broad range of benefits. By the way, Walgreen’s payroll period is bi-weekly and when a pay day falls on a weekend day or holiday, the payment will be issue in the preceding business day. To get early, all employees are encourages to setup directly deposit into bank account. The company utilizes a self-service portal where current and former employees will go to see their pay stubs and their W2s online. Your Pay stub itemizes your gross pay, net pay, social security deductions and all other deductions as required under federal law. Employees are also encouraged to review their pay stubs and if you believe there is an error in your pay, please bring the matter to attention of Walgreen payroll department or call at 1-847-527-5370 immediately.

View and Print Pay stubs

As an employee of Walgreen, you will be receive an authenticator ID and password from payroll department. If you have not already received, you need contact with store manager or payroll department.
1. Now login with your Authenticator ID and password
2. Go to “About Me” menu under About me tab.
3. Click on “Payroll”
4. Select pay stub, your pay stub is arranged by date.
5. Enter your personal Key
6. View and print your pay stub.

View and Print W2s

If you are former employee, you have no right to use the online service after 45 days of your termination. You must contact with your former store manager or payroll department. But if you are current employee, just log in to the Walgreen self-service portal with your Authenticator ID and password then follow the following steps-
1. Click on “Payroll” under “About Me Menu”
2. Select W2 Online
3. Enter your personal Key
4. View and print your W2.


Walgreen self-service portal- Walgreen@Home