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Panda Express Pay Stubs & W2s

Panda express known as a first casual restaurant chain who’ve been making and serving a variety of Chinese cuisine inspired dishes. However, if you are employed by this company including (panda restaurant group, panda inn, panda express and Hibachi San), then you’ve an option to view your check stubs and W2s in private and secure portal on adp and mytaxform website. The portal uses encryption technology, so your information will be secure. The company’s standard pay period is bi-weekly. So you’ll get paid twice a month. Each payroll period, pay stub information and earning history will be available on ADP’s iPay portal. At last week of January (year-end), an electronic copy of your tax statement will be posted on mytaxform web portal and this copy will be available for at least five years on this portal.

ADP’s iPay uses instruction
To access and use the ADP’s iPay portal, you need internet access. If you want to access with your mobile phone, you can use iPay android app. It is available on play store and iTunes. The first time you log in to iPay portal you will need follow the following steps.
1. Visit to the adp’s iPay portal (https://ipay.adp.com/iPay/login.jsf)
2. Then click the REGISTER NOW button.
3. Then enter the Registration code: pandarg-check
4. Click on Next
5. Do you want to set up an account with Panda Restaurant group? Select Yes
6. Verify your identity with name, SSN and captcha test, click Next
7. Answer all the security questions, click Next
8. Enter your personal registration code, don’t have this, click on send button. You will receive a personal registration code
9. Enter your contact information
10. Create a password. The password must be include a letter and a number.
11. Set up the security question and answer
12. Enter the activation code to active your email address and phone number
13. Once you have successfully registered your account you may begin using with user ID and password.

Mytaxform uses instruction
To access W2s, visit w2express.com/mytaxfrom.com. Enter your employer code: 13088 and login Social security number. There are also seven steps to verify your identity, establish user password (first time user), contact information, security questions etc. After logging in to maytaxform web portal, you will be able to view your W2s online.

ADP’s iPay
My Tax Form