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How to Access TeleTech Pay Stubs & W2s Online

Active Employee can go to the oracle self service portal to receive electronic pay stubs and W2s. If you are terminated employee and you have passed 45 days from your termination date, you should go to the ADP’s iPay self service portal to retrieve your prior pay stubs and W2s online. For access to the ADP’s iPay site (see Resource), please give your consent. Basically, oracle employee self service does not allow former employee but you will be able to access your pay stubs via oracle self service portal up to 45 days following your termination date.

Active Employee:
Oracle employee self service (see Resource) is allowing you to easily retrieve your payroll information. It is accessible from anyplace at any suitable time even if you are in abroad. Consent to receive your pay statements and w2s in electronic format-
1. Go to oracle website (see Resource)
2. Log into this system with user name and password.
3. If you are new to this system, please contact with your HR representative
4. Once consent is given, you will be able to view and print.
5. Or call 1.866.835.3832 for help.

Terminated Employee:
Terminated employee can choose to receive his/her w2 online. Your W2 will be distributed to your mailing address during the final week of January. But your W2will remain online for at least 5 years. Consent to receive your pay statements and w2s in online-
1. Log into my ADP portal (see Resource)
2. Click on first time user? Register button
3. Enter the registration code- TTH1-IPAY2
4. Complete registration process with required information
5. Once complete, you will see when available.
6. You can setup email and text notification option to receive notification when available.
7. If you have any questions, you may direct your inquiry to the HR Manager.

Oracle employee self service- for Active Employee
ADP’s iPay- for Former Employee