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Allstate Employee Pay stubs & W2s

Allstate Corporation is a publicly held insurance company in America. It is listed on the New York stock exchange. By the way, if you are working in this company, it offers a comprehensive benefit packages that is competitive with other insurance company. In this topic, you will find the following information:

1. How to retrieve Allstate pay stubs online
2. How to retrieve your Allstate W2s online

Retrieve Allstate Pay stub

Allstate Corporation provides access to all benefits data online through myBenefits web portal. It can be accessed from internet connected any computer. You may view your current pay stub on the scheduled pay day and prior pay stubs are also retrieval though the web portal. Needed more help, call toll free 1-800-521-3535.

Retrieve W2s

Allstate is providing the electronic delivery of year end tax statement to its employees through Equifax W2EXPRESS. W2EXPRESS provides secure access to view your year end tax statement and manage your account. So you should have:

Employer code: 11197
Social security number: no dashes
PIN number: PIN number has been reset to default on January 2014.

Ready to retrieve now, go to W2EXPRESS (see Resource)
Enter your employer code (11197)
Enter your social security number without dashes
Enter your PIN number

If you’re new user, enter the default PIN number, and change your PIN number after setting up the security questions. Once logged in, view and print your year end tax statements.

Allstate benefit manager
Allstate myBenefits