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Lowe’s Market Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

Lowe’s market is a grocery store chain based in Texas. It is also know as supermarket that operates their stores in the state of Colorado and state of Arizona. There are around 150 lowe’s market stores under local brand name (Lowe’s, Lowe’s market, Lowe’s Mercado, big 8, ACE, shop n’ save, family center, fiesta foods, super $ etc) in the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Kansas. The company still using money network pay stub portal to provide its associates or employees pay slip, year end wages and tax statements online. You have also alternative phone access opportunity of your pay stubs and w2s from money network pay stub portal.

To access from Money network pay stub portal, you must login with your employee ID and PIN number. If you are new employee, you must set up your account for first time. The portal will ask you to enter employee ID, date of birth and last 3 digits of social security number to submit and set up your account. Remember, you will not eligible to set up your account until issue of first pay check by Lowe’s. See Resource for link.

Pay stub portal will never delivery of your pay stubs and W2s via email, only notify when W2s or pay stubs are ready to view. But you will request for fax copy via phone. Just call at 888-959-3389 and follows the systems prompted direction. Please press your employee ID when asked for user ID and last four digits of social security number.