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Lowe's Home Improvement Pay Stub & W2s

Lowe’s Home Improvement [EIN= 560748358] is a fortune 100 company that has more than 1850 stores with170000 employees in the United States & Canada. The first Lowe’s store was founded in 1946 by L.S. Lowe, but today it is the world second largest home improvement and appliance retailer. By the way, all employee of Lowe’s are eligible for online delivery of their pay advice summary (pay stubs) online. Final earning will be directly deposited to the employee’s local bank account if on Direct Deposit program. Not only here, you will also review your pay stubs from myloweslife.com. It will be required to enter your sales number and password. Please contact with contact with HR Shared service, if not yet receive your login password.

Employees have the ability to receive email notification when a new W2 or year end wages and taxes statement is ready to view or print. But you must complete a little sign up process, to receive email notification. Once you have set up your account, you may print or re-print last three years W2s without making a request through the payroll department. You will be required to enter following information-

1. At first the portal will ask you to enter your employee ID which is 11116.
2. User ID. If you are current employee, your user ID is the sales number or employee ID. If your former employee then your user ID is the full social security number without any dashes or spaces.
3. PIN number, all employees PIN has set as default value which is last four digits of your social security number.
4. Risk based authentication to increase security which is six steps.
5. Change PIN number
6. Go Paperless
7. Test Now
8. Personal and contact information.

Lowes Pay stubs
Loewes W2s