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Compass Group Pay Stubs & W2

Compass Group is the leader in property management, cleaning, support service and food service management. The company has more than 175,000 associates in 48 states of USA and more than 507,000 associates in over 50 countries. Compass group offers a temporary employee benefits programs. If you are full time associates, you’ll have access to an affordable health care plan, 401(k) retirement plan, flexible spending account, STD, LTD, associate family life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment etc.

Pay Stubs
Direct deposit and pay card are the preferred methods of payment. You will be paid bi-weekly and your earning will be deposited into the bank account or pay card of your choice. But your pay stubs will not be available online. Your immediate supervisor will distribute your pay stubs manually. If you have any question about your pay stubs or payroll systems please email at payroll-QA@compass-usa.com or call at 1-888-295-7206 then press option 4.

You will view your year end wages and tax statements online or print a copy by logging on to the Ceridian Ereports web site at https://www.ereports.ceridian.com/ereports/cgi-bin/3pp.pl/eReports?cid=A12116

You will be asking for Login and Password.
Your login is the eight of your personnel ID number with leading zeros. For example 00123456.

You password is almost eight digits, which combination with tow digits birth of month, two digits birth of date and last four digits of your social security number. For example your date of birth January 28 and last four digits of your SSN are 1234 then your password is 01281234.

For assistance, please contact at 877-506-2515.