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Macy's Pay Stub & W2s

Macy’s is one of the American’s premier retailers that operates under Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s and focus in the retailing of clothing, footwear, accessories, furniture, house wares, jewelry and beauty products. The company operates about 883 (Macy’s and Bloomingdale) stores and 13 Bloomingdale’s outlet stores. The company introducing a new, fast and more convenient way to get your pay records, health benefits, retirement benefits and PTO if you are Macy’s or Bloomingdale employee. Basically, net wages are deposited into your local bank account on payday. It is reduce more using your time to go to the bank to cash your check. Now your pay stubs and W2s are online, you can be view and print by following ways-

Pay Stubs
Check your pay records on Macy’s IN-SITE website. It is password protected and enabled for only Macy’s and Bloomingdale associates. The web portal will ask you for your 8 digits employee and password that same password is used for signing onto your work PC and others application. If you are retired or former employee, you may view last 13 month pay stubs from Macy’s in site portal.

As Macy’s and Bloomingdale associate employees, you will print or reprint your year end wages and tax statement online from W2 management. If you are new employee, please take a moment to set up account. In order to set up your account, the W2 management portal will ask you for-

Employer Code: 10260
Social security number without any dashes or slashes
PIN number
Personal and contact information

If you are ready, please go to- www.w2express.com

Macy’s In-site