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CVS Health Associate Employee’s W-2 and Pay stubs

CVS is one of the leading pharmacy chains in the United States. CVS has created a HR web portal to provide pay stub, rewards and other benefits. Basically, pay stubs are required in the most of States that employer provide employees with a statement of earning and dedications and the following information required on pay stubs- Total earning, Itemized listing of dedications, Total hours worked, Pay period covered, Date of payment. Sometimes it is vary on state laws. To get your pay stub, visit to the Resource suggested CVS MY HR portal, and login with your userID and password. The portal only allows the CVS Caremark and MinuteClinic employees to access. On the other hand, CVS has joined with TALX w-2 management system to provide year end w2 to employee by electronic format. So as an employee of CVS (cvs pharmacy, distribution, health, interactive, real state, rx service, care mark and other associates), your electronic W-2 for 2014 is tentatively to be scheduled to be available on January 2015 at TALX W-2 management portal. Actually TALX is a leading provider of w2 management services to the different industry in USA. The portal provides invoices and reports of your W2 in easy to read formats. To accept, go to the following way-

1. Visit the TALX W-2 management portal (see the portal link in resource section)
2. Enter your employer name or code in the W-2 management login box. Your employer name for TALX W-2 management is “CVS” and code is “10259”. It will better if you use code number. The click on the “Go” button.
3. Enter your Social Security Number as Username and click on the “Continue”
4. Next steps will show security image and PIN number option, so verify your security image and enter your PIN. Then click “Login”. Once logged in your account, you will redirect to dashboard.
5. To print your W-2, click on the “Get Your W-2 Now” link, then “View & Print Your W-2 Now” and finally print your W-2.

CVS W-2 express employer name: CVS
CVS W-2 express employer code: 10259
CVS employee human resource service center phone number: 1-888-MY-HR-CVS or 1-888-694-7287


CVS MY HR Portal

TALX W-2 Express