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Adecco Pay Stub

Adecco has moved to completely paperless pay stubs. According to their employee benefit plan, all AL, AR, KY, LA, MS, MO, NE, OH, SC, SD, TN, TX and NV residential employees are automatically be sign up electronic pay stub (if enrolled in direct deposit). But others residential employees need to enroll to access pay stub electronically. That means if you reside in Florida, you will be not automatically enrolled. So as an employee of Adecco, you will be able to access your pay stubs by logging in to TALX paperless pay communication. Paperless pay is a secure, easy to use and allows Adecco all employees to view and print their current and past pay stubs, any time, anywhere from any internet enabled computer, laptop, smart phone, mobile device or tab. This guide provides you with the basic information needed to initial log in and access your pay stubs in no time at all. The instructions below highlight the steps for logging into the paperless pay system with Social Security Number and PIN.

To access your pay stub via the online

There are few tasks that you need to do upon entering the system. At first, employees must be identifying paperless pay web portal for Adecco. It’s critical that the web address be typed in correctly or you will not be able to gain access to your stubs. So see Resource and click suggested link to access without type address in address bar.

Once you are at the website for your company (access by Resource suggested link”, click on “Click Here to Login” in the center of the screen.

The LOG IN screen is the next screen to display when accessing the paperless pay online system. Enter your Social Security Number SSN# without dashes. This is not asking for your Adecco employee ID. Click Continue.

Once entered your SSN, Then you will be asked for your PIN NUMBER. Please as k your employer for initial PIN. So enter your PIN number and click Login button. If you are returning user, you have five attempts to key the correct PIN. If you forget, click on the “Forget your PIN”.

During initial sign-in, you must complete risk based authentication and change your default password. So click on Enroll Now button in the Risk based authentication window to upgrade security and keep your information safe.

After selecting the Enroll Now link, a new page will open. This is six steps-
1. Remember this computer…. Would you like us to remember this computer? 1st steps will ask you to remember your computer for next time login, so if you would like remember you computer select “Yes” and click “Continue” button. Otherwise select No and continue.
2. Personal security image; in the next screen, you should setup a security image, you may use arrow button to change image. Click on Continue.
3. Security Questions; in the 3rd steps, you must select six security question from drop down list and provide answer you will remember then click Continue.
4. Contact Information Phone/Email; in the 4th steps, add your Phone and email address. Please add original phone and email address as you will notify by phone and email when your pay stub ready to view. To get notification you must sign up for email and text alert.
5. Review security selection; last steps will review all of steps security questions and your response. So ensure that you have answered all questions by enter continue button.
Once completed the risk based authentication enrollment process, the next window will prompted to change your initial PIN. So key your initial PIN at first and enter new PIN two times. It must be at least 8 digits, but no more than 16 digits, please create a string that is easy for you to remember.

Once initial sign in process, you will see the main screen which is organized by tabs.

To print your current pay stub, select Print Pay Stub from the Main Menu. Pay stubs are viewed as an Adobe PDF Document. Using the Adobe Reader toolbar, the document may be printed or saved. Close the Adobe Reader to return to the paperless pay portal. To view past pay stub, select the Pay History. Select the desired pay date using a drop-down box. To view your current pay information, select PayStub Details. If there is an incorrect amount paid to you then you must contact your manager or supervisor. If there is an amount missing from your pay stub or if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to contact TALX paperless pay online client support center (click here).

From this page you can also change your PIN as returning user, click the Personal Information or My Account link on the Main Menu. Under the My Account screen, go to the “Security” section and then click “Change PIN”. PIN must be an 8 – 16 digit number only.

To access your pay stub via the phone
1. 1-800-978-3729
2. Login to your account; enter your employee ID and personal identification number
3. To review press 1.

If you need to switch direct deposit to a new bank account, you should contact your local Adecco branch, they will provide you a new payroll choice form. If you are so far from local branch, call them to email you a new payroll choice form. Have any paycheck related questions, call at 1-866-528-0707 (Monday to Friday 8:30 am – 8:30 pm).


Jan King Pay Stub Portal

Jan King is a restaurant chain in USA operated by Jan companies. The company operating their business under Burger King, Country INN, Newport creamery and Krispy kreme brand and name. Jan Company has transitioned to paperless pay for all former employees to solve return mail for unknown address problem. Basically most of low income people chain their rented house one more time in every year. As results automatically has changed their address. So mail is not delivery to your address. But you must pay stub and W2 form to file your tax information. In this case, Jan King announced online paystub accessing system with Money Network paystub portal for their employee.

Jan King and Jan Company’s corporate employees may well right of entry to www.paystubportal.com/janking for their paystub related information.

Burger King’s employee will possibly access their paystub and W2 forms from www.paystubportal.com/bgk website.
Paystub portal carry following information for jan king employees- Net pay, Gross pay, Pay date, Pay period end date, Available vacation and personal hours, Worked hours and taxes or other deductions information. Need more help about your pay stub, you should be contact your Human Resource manager.

If you are Toms King Employee Click Here

Cracker Barrel Employee Pay Stub Online

Cracker Barrel has transitioned to paperless pay with a 3rd party vendor for their employee. The 3rd party vendor name is online wage statement which is provides you paystub and W2 information online. So, employee of Cracker Barrel may access their online wage statements with their user name and password. Your user name is your employee id and password is last four digits of your social security number. Onlinewagestatements.com /cbocs is intended to access your paystub and Onlinewagestatements.com/w2/cbocs.w2 is intended to access your W2 forms. If needed any help through phone, just call your home office at 1-615-444-5533 and extension is 63013.

Cracker Barrel is a restaurant chain and gift stores. Now there have over 600 stores and more than 70000 employees in the USA. But there have free employee assistance program that’s help and counseling to employee’s personal, family and job related problem. So if you think you are in problem (mental), you may call at 1-800-6330 any to get free counseling or visit Employee Assistance Program office. According to Cracker Barrel EAP portal, there have two licensed counselor (Tamara Gremillion, MED, LPC, CEAP as senior EAP counselor and Stefanie Curtiss, MA, LPE, CEAP as EAP counselor.

West Des Moines Community Schools Certified Staff’s Paystub Online

West Des Moines Community Schools is one of the top employers in West Des Moines, Lowa. According to the community schools management, there are nearly 1200 employees in West Des Moines and over 9000 thousand students. The community schools board announced to paperless paystub for certified staff. Remember that, teaching profession is a great profession, so if you with the community schools, your paystub have now online. Following information will appear in your online printable pay stub.

1. Direct deposit information including banking information.
2. Payable amount and compensation if available.
3. Payroll due date.
4. Current tax information.
5. Tuition refund, complete course or training information that has been file with the district.
6. Assigned insurance and other benefits information.
7. W2 forms.

To access up to date pay roll or pay stub information now, visit the WDMCS employee online portal. You will setup direct deposit and change any information if needed. So feel free to visit the following link-

WDMCS paystub portal

If you need more help, you may contact with Brain Abeling, director of technology, West Des Moines Schools, Iowa. Email abelingb@wdmcs.org.


New York City employee self service is to be had online designed for every NYPD employees. In general, paycheck employees are automatically received paper paystub from New York City Automated Personnel System. But NYCAPS grant online printable paystub under Employee self service tools for NYPD employees who enrolled in direct deposit. Under the employee self service tools, eligible employee obtain following information online using intranet (from city office) and internet (from home or others location).

1. Personal information: Employee may possibly modify his/her name, address and relevant private records.
2. Tax and Payroll information: modify or update their direct deposit, tax and others relevant record. View or print E-paystub, W-2, 1127 tax statements etc.
3. Benefits information: subscribe in available benefits plan, add and remove dependents and others.

If you want to access employee self service (ESS) using by City office intranet, you should visit http://cityshare.nycnet/ess (Only accessible from New York City internetworking computer). Use your 7 digit employee ID in the UserID field, and your default password. Default password is 10 digits (last 2 digits of SSN, and full date of birth “01/13/1989 = 01131989”).

If you want to access employee self service (ESS) from your home or other location through internet, you should visit the following link and use your 7 digits of employee ID in the UserID field, and your default password. Default password is 10 digits (last 2 digits of SSN, and complete date of birth in MMDDYY format “for example your SSN last 2 digits is 47 and data of birth is 01/13/1989 you’re your password is 4701131989”).

NYCESS portal login online www.nyc.gov/ess

If the information is helpful for you, don’t leave without comment. Need more help or having trouble, you may email at employeesupport@dcas.nyc.gov

Regis Pay Stub

Regis is a name of world largest salon chain is available in North America and Europe. The salon chain make available electronic paystubs online to access and view employees paystubs, recent and earlier period W-2, and other pay check related information. As employee of Regis salon chain, you may log on DocAgent Archive Server anytime from anywhere by following directions.

Log onto the DocAgent Archive Server site by keying regis.mypaystub.info in the address section of the browser. When page will appear, you should login with your Payroll ID and default password for first time. To begin to login your accounts first time, fill in the payroll ID in the UserID box and default password in the Password box and click “Login”. Your payroll ID is found on your paycheck or pay stub and default password is last 4 dist of your SSN + mmdd(4 digit) of your date of birth (total 4+4= 8 digits). You should change your default password when login as first time. Make sure, you work for a Regis corporation salon that means if you are not an employee of Regis salon chain don’t try to access any pay stub as it is a violation according to US law.

Once the login process is complete the “My paystub” page will appear. It is here where you check, print or reprint paystub. Just click on the “Inquiries” > “Check Stub”> “Date of the check your want to view”> “Reprint Check Stub”.
If you need more help or problem to login, you may call at 786-272-535 or email at payroll@regiscorp.com.

ExxonMobil Employees Benefits

ExxonMobil doesn’t provided online paystub service like Walmart, McDonald etc. But its employee may check their paystub at ExxonMobil Me intranet site though an ExxonMobil network connected computer. Actually ExxonMobil Me is the ExxonMobil human resource intranet site that can be accessed though a company network connected computer at work by current employee. If you can’t access the intranet site but current employee, you should contact your human resource manager or contact at Active Employees, Retirees and survivors ExxonMobil benefits service center (Monday to Friday 8:00 am – 6:00 pm), Phone 1-800-682-2847 or 1-800-833-8334, PO box 199540, Dallas, TX 75219-9722.

ExxonMobil Family
There are ExxonMobil family website where ExxonMobil US employee, retirees and their family may access essential service and information. For example, after retirees you don’t need visiting to office periodically for pension or other benefits, just online manageable. After death of employees, beneficiaries will use this website. ExxonMobil Family website address is www.exxonmobilfamily.com.

ExxonMobil Retiree Online Community
In the ExxonMobil online community website only retiree and survivors are allowed. The community web address is www.emretiree.com.
ExxonMobil provided benefit plans are below-
Savings plan
Pension Plan
Medical plan
Dental plan
Vision plan
Pre-Tax Spending plan
Disability plan
Life insurance plan

ExxonMobil provided benefit programs are below-
Global fit discount program
Product discount
Flexible work arrangements
Leaves of Absence
Focused Assistance program
Education, culture and volunteer involvement program etc.

Walmart Paystub

Walmart is one of the biggest retailers in USA even around the world. The company provides various types of opportunity for their employee who works at least one week in the store, corporate office, sams club or others offices. Paystub is one of the opportunity that given by walmart HR department with associate service providers i.e. money network.

Walmart Paystub Online
As an employee of Walmart including stores, sams club or corporate office, you may able to check paystub information online if authorized. But the alternative checking options are text message, email, by phone or in store FD300. According to Walmart privacy and policy paystub information are out of charge. On the other hand, someone says, (who worked at Walmart) walmart paystub online is secure and convenient than alternative options. So if you interested to check your paystub online, it’s available in the following links-

1. Money network Paystub Portal
2. My Walmart

In the money Network Paystub Portal, you need login with your date of birth, Wolmart ID, faculty number and PIN to check pay stub. If you are not yet registered, complete the registration first. In the walmart benefits website (mywalmart) you need login with user id and password that was create in the registration time. When logged in you may able to print present and previous paystub data.

Alternative paystub information
Call at 1-800-903-4698 to access and setup your paystub information via text message. But there are phone carrier standard messaging charge is applicable.