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Alphastaff Employees Pay Stubs & W2s

Alphasaff is an American company that provides HR outsourcing and PEO services. The company primarily offers a configurable suite of HR solutions, employee benefits and employee administration solution, and has approximately 100,000 worksite employees in all 50 states. By the way, if you are associates with this company, they offer an affordable payroll overview online which name AlphaStaff’s iSource. To access the AlphaStaff iSource portal for first time, you must require-

Your name= First name and Last name
Date of Birth
Last four digits of your social security number and
A valid email address

If you have this information, please visit Click on Register Now button and complete the registration process. If your entered information cannot be matched with system record, you will receive error messages. In this case, please contact with your Human Resource manager.

If you are existing user please login with your user ID and password. After you successfully login, you will appear on Alphastaff iSource home page. Click on Employee Data Overview tab then payroll overview. You will see all pay stubs under check stab tab.

If your W2 is process by AlphaStaff, then click on W2 Reprint option. If your W2 is process by paperless employee then visit And complete registration process. You man also request to re-issue your W2 by phone. To request by phone just call at 888-778-9128.

If you have any question about your W2s please email at

Integrity Staffing Solutions Employee Pay Stub & W2s

Integrity staffing solution is a fastest growing staffing firm that designs customized staffing model and placement temporary or long term qualified workers to office or industry. The firm also offers human resource management service includes payroll and benefit solution. If you are associates with this staffing company, they offer to you a web center for access to your pay stubs and w2’s online. Electronic pay stubs provides an opportunity for the employee to identify and conformation the amount of earning will be deposit before the day of pay day. Electronic W2s is also safe and secure. The web center will only be accessible for those employees and associates who have received first paycheck. Until receive first paycheck, you will not be able to use this portal.

If you want to sign up for direct deposit option please visit your onsite office. There are printed direct deposit sign up form that must fill up to sign up in direct deposit program. You may also sign up for Aline pay card, it is easy to use and accessible everywhere.

To access your pay stubs and W2s, please consent the following information-

1. Simply go to the Integrity Staffing Web Center (see Resource).
2. Login with your user name and password. Username is your last name and last four digits of your social security number (no space between last name and last four digits of SSN) and password is the last 6 six digits of SSN without space or dashes. For example, your name is Johnny Wyatt and social security number SSN is 123-45-6789 then your user name is wyatt6789 and password is 456789.
3. If you can’t login but you have received first pay check, please visit onsite office.

Integrity Staffing Web Center

Costco Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

Costco (EIN= 911223280) is one of the largest retailer and membership warehouse club chain in the USA. It is also Fortune 500 Company which offers wide range of benefits for their employees. Costco is committed to provide employees payroll information clearly through online. As result your payroll information includes pay stubs and w2s are online.

Access your pay stubs online:
Costco designed a website with Equifax work force solution to view and print original copy of your pay stubs online. It is obtainable at or Some of you will be ask for employer code, if asked please enter 10203. Enter your employee ID and PIN number to login this portal. If this is first time, your initial PIN number is the last four digits of your social security number.

Access your pay stubs by phone
You may also able to request for a fax copy by phone. Just call at 800-951-3729 and press 1 for fax copy when prompted.

Access W2s online
If you want to access original, reprint or duplicate copy of your year end tax and wages statements online, it free. Just visit It is hosted on Ceridian self service web portal. It will be ask you to enter company access code and personal information to register for first time. The company access code is 426579.

Access W2s by Phone
You may only request for reprint of your W2. Please call at 1-866-535-6557, it will ask for your company access code. Please provide 426579 when ask. Please do not call after 5:00 pm and before 8:00 EST and public holiday.

You may also access Costco Employee Self Service to manage your employee information. It is accessible from any internet connected PC or on the eNet on all breakroom computers. If you have questions, please contact with your manager.

Burlington Coat Factory Pay Stubs & W2

Burlington Coat Factory is an off price retailer which is also known as Burlington stores in the United States and Puerto Rico. There have 500+ stores in the 40 states. Although the chain name as coat factory but it also sell coats, outwear, apparel, shoes, accessories, baby clothes, furniture, home decor and gift items. If you are working any warehouse or corporate office of Burlington Coat Factory, your payroll information and W2s is online.

To access your payroll information, you are require-

1. Registration pass code: COAT-adp
2. Your social security number (last four digits only)
3. Date of birth

To begin-
If you are running employees, please visit APD W2 service for year end wages and tax statement.
If you are former employee please visit HERE

Enter “COAT-adp” into the registration pass code box. Click Go

Enter your initial and last name, last four digits of social security number and select date of birth then click Confirm

If your entered information much with server record, you will see a conformation massage under “We found you!” and Register button. Click on Register

In the next steps, key your contact information, create a strong password and give answer for some security questions. Click Register Now

Now verify you email address. And enjoy.

If you need to verify or proof your income, the company does not verify or proof your income at warehouse. You need do it online from the work number website. Please use 13200 as employer code.

Convergys Pay Stub & W2

Convergys is a world class customer management includes agent assisted, self service, financial services, information management, outsourcing, consulting etc firm based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Convergys was created in 1998 and now they have 150+ branch and 125,000 employees worldwide. The firm offers it US employees to access their payroll information and W2s online. So if you are eligible to access online, please see the following information-

Convergys has hosted their employee’s payroll information on Paperless Employee. So visit paperless employee for Convergys (see Resource).

Please login with your user ID and password if you are existing user, otherwise you must create an account.

To create an account, click on “Create Account”. Make sure, you have received one payment or working at least one payment cycle. If the Convergys payroll department has entered your date in to the systems then you will be complete account setup process. Otherwise it will say you that your identity cannot be verified. You will also require your social security number, date of birth and a valid email address. If you have not a valid email address, please create a free email account at Gmail, Yahoo, hotmail, outlook etc.

In the next new account set up page, key all required information correctly. If you enter incorrect information, your identity will not verify. Once completed, click on “Create” button.

If you have tried to access my convergys portal to check your schedule and others, please login with your username and password (see Resource suggested 2nd link). If you have any question or needed help, please call at 888-578-3333.

Paperless Employee has no longer contracted with Convergys. Your company is now contracted with ADP iPayStatements, as result you may try access your W2s & pay stub from But you must active your account for first time. Please collect a registration code from self service administrations.

[N.B. you can’t register without registration code.]

Please check back later for more update.


ADP iPayStatements

Convergys Paperless Employee

My Convergys Portal

Employment Plus Pay Stubs & W2s

Employment Plus is a privately owned and one of the fastest rising staffing and professional recruiting services company in the USA. The company was created in the 1993, now it operating over 60 branch with 250+ corporate employees, 15,000 associates and 1000+ clients in US. Generally the company using Pay card and direct deposit option with its parent company (EmployBridge). So your payment automatically loaded to your pay card or local bank by direct deposit. You can also check your pay card remaining balance by calling at 888-265-8228, going online ( or visiting an ATM counts for free.

The company not yet uses 3rd party or partner services to electronic delivery of its associates pay stubs and W2s. So you can access original copy of your year end tax and wages statement online. If you are Employment Plus associates, your W2s will be mailed to your submitted address by postal services. If you need duplicate copy or reprint, please visit your local branch or contact with EP representative. If you have any question or complain about your Employment Plus representative, please call at 888-318-5627.

By the way, if you are an associate, you must access Avionte portal to input time and others feature. Just visit Resource suggested link and login to your account.

EP Avionte Portal

Kangaroo Express Pay Stub and W2

The Pantry Inc or Kangaroo Express has made it easier for its employees to view and print pay stubs and W2s online. It is know as Ovation’s ePayroll portal. Recent years ago, the company was partnered with Equifax work solution services and its employee used talx paperless pay for pay stubs, w2 express for year end wages and tax statements. Now as an employee of Kangaroo or pantry express, you can’t access paperless pay or w2express to view or print your pay stubs and W2s. You must visit Ovation’s ePayroll portal as the ePayroll portal is online resource for keeping track of Kangaroo express payroll information. View your pay stubs and W2s by following ways-

1. Simply go to the ePayroll portal (see Resource)
2. Once you have complete registration please login with your user name and password.
3. If you are new employee and received at least one payment, you may set up your account.
4. You will require your social security number, date of birth, employee and Zip code to complete account setup process. See Resource for registration link or click on the Register Here link.

You may also use Ovation’s ePayroll portal android application to manage and download your pay stubs and year end wages and taxes statement as pdf file. It is available on google play stores and others apps market.

If you are looking others benefits includes medical plan, health saving accounts, critical illness plan, dental plan, vision plan, accident plan, life insurance etc, you must login at or call at 1-800-368-2634.


ePayroll Portal employee Login

ePayroll portal employee Registration

TJX Employee Pay Stubs

The TJX companies Inc (EIN = 42207613) is one of the leading American apparel and home fashions off-price retailer, headquartered in Framingham, Massachusetts. It operates approximately 3300 stores throughout the USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Poland under few of local and global brands includes T.J.Maxx, HomeGodds, Marshalls, Sierra Trading Post, Winners, HomeSensen, T.K. Maxx etc. The company designed a user friendly self service portal for their US, Canada and European associates. So if you are and associates employee, you may access your benefits includes create leave of absence, check available POT balance, update beneficiaries information etc online.

To access, you must create an account. Simply go to
Click on the “Click here if you are an Associate” button.
Click on suggested link that appropriate for you. For example, if you are returning user or have Oracle user ID and password, then click on first link under U.S. Associate- Employee Self Service section to complete registration process.

Or directly click here and login

If you are new or have not oracle user ID password then click second link under U.S. Associate- Employee Self Service section to complete registration process.

Or directly click here

Key your first + last name, date of birth and AIN number in the required box. Click Next. See your paycheck for AIN.

Establish a user name and password of your choice in the next steps. Click Next

Verify your data and click on Submit.

Update your personal information by using personal information link.

Click on Payslip link to view your weekly pay stubs.

If you have question, please call the TJX service desk at 1-888-444-4848.

Express Employment Professionals Pay Stub

Express employment professionals services is an employment agency company headquartered in Oklahoma City. The company was founded in 1983 and today it employs nearly 460000 people with 700+ franchises worldwide. It is also a leading temporary staffing and direct hire recruiting company in the USA, Canada and South Africa. So if you are Express associates, the company offers full range of benefits including medical plan, dental plan, life insurance, 401k and direct deposits etc. You may also access your payroll information online. To access as associates, you are required the following information-

# Your social security number (SSN)
# Your four digits office number
# Individual control number

If you haven’t the individual control number/ employee ID, please check the last paper pay stubs- it’s beginning with your four digits office number. Not yet receive paper pay stubs please visit your local office. The local office representative will be able to provide it and details about others specific benefits.

If you are ready to access, simply go to the Workforce Self Service (see Resource). If you are new employee, you create an account for use this portal. If you are returning user please login with your user name and password.

Once you have created an account, you need to complete email verification process. Once done, you are able to link your account.

Click on the Checks tab, and enter your four digits office number and individual control number in the Check ID Number field. Enter your social security number without dashes in the employee ID number field. Click on link you account.

If you are former employee or inactive more than 1 year, you account may be deleted and you can login. If you have any questions or need help, please call at (620)331-6200.